Artificial wedding bouquets

The concept of artificial wedding bouquets often evokes controversial feelings and associations. Because unnaturally bright plastic buds usually come to our minds as soon as we hear this combination of words. But, in fact, modern floristry offers girls artificial bouquets in a fabulous performance that cannot be easily distinguished from natural flowers.

Whether it is allowed for the fiancée to take an artificial wedding bouquets or not

Moreover, the original bouquet can be composed not only of synthetic flowers, but also brooches, chains, plants and even edible products. Frankly speaking, there is only one limit here and it is nothing but your imagination. The most traditional option is to use a vivid artificial bunch of flowers as a backup, which is made for throwing into the crowd of unmarried friends.
fake flower arrangements for weddings
An artificial wedding bouquet can also be presented to the bridesmaid and she will be able to keep it at home in memory of the wedding for many years. A bunch of man-made flowers for throwing is most preferred as it serves as a symbol of marriage that the lucky one stores at home. This bouquet will remind the owner about the piece of luck and the wedding itself. In addition, it will also be the mascot of the new family if the good sign works.

Unique advantages of artificial wedding bouquets

Bridal bouquet is more often made of artificial wedding flowers when:

  • There is no ability or desire to spend a lot of money on fresh flowers;
  • The weather is unfavorable for live plants (heat or bitter cold);
  • Bunch of man-made flowers corresponds to the concept of wedding, dress jewelry or hairstyle;
  • The bride or groom is allergic to pollen;
  • The couple wants to save the wedding bouquet forever intact.

In addition, the artificial wedding flowers can be a real lifesaver when natural flowers cannot support original wedding decoration colors, for example, turquoise or gold. Synthetic flowers can be made of a material of any color. Of course, the most important convenience of artificial flowers is the ability to embody any idea into reality and to decorate it with attributes of a wedding theme chosen.
fake flower bouquets for weddings
Professional bridal bouquet of man-made flowers is virtually identical to the real one. But, of course, it can be composed on the DIY basis with dense silk and beads. And in this case, it will not be just an accessory, but also a part of the soul and the love of fiancée that she will keep vibrantly for many years to come.

The kinds of artificial wedding bouquets

It is not necessary to think of artificial wedding bouquets as made of plastic. In fact, modern materials and technologies allow making flowers of cotton, silk, pleated fabric, while they are almost impossible to distinguish from the real thing. Bridal bouquet of textile synthetic flora can be a real piece of art, especially combined with rhinestones, beads and brooches.

Fabric bouquets of hydrangeas and wildflowers usually have the most natural outlook. They are especially suitable for spring or summer wedding, using mostly pastel colors: delicate mauve, peach and pink tones.
fake flowers for weddings
Artificial white hydrangeas decorated with white lace can also be used for a winter wedding.

  • For a winter wedding it is possible to use wool knit flowers that undoubtedly will add some charm and warmth to fiancée image;
  • Roses, peonies and fluffy buds are usually made of yarn;
  • Great buttercups can be made from colored paper;
  • A big bunch of flowers made from paper is one of the modern trends of wedding floristry fashion;
  • Cold Porcelain is a very original material to create buds;
  • Flowers of felt are quite popular among brides.

But who said that the artificial wedding bouquets can be composed exclusively of flowers?

Artificial wedding bouquets can be composed not only of flowers

Bouquet is the main accessory of a fiancée that creates her image. Therefore, it should be applied to emphasize the chosen wedding style:

  • A bunch of herbs, small birds’ nests and wheat spikelets fits the rustic country style;
  • A bouquet of brooches held together by wires can decorate a retro style wedding;
  • A bouquet decorated with multi-colored dry leaves is suitable for autumn wedding;
  • In winter, you can use cones, dried fruit and even decorations for Christmas tree instead of flowers;
  • A weightless bunch of butterflies fits best romantic natures;
  • For a sweet wedding it is possible to make bouquet from cookies and candy;
  • A beautiful nautical-style bunch of flowers can be made of shells and starfish;
  • There are even artificial wedding bouquets made from the buttons.

So, before you start thinking how to make a flower composition, it is better to consider the general concept of the wedding bouquet that matches the style of the fiancée. There is no need to be limited to flowers only, especially if you are fond of other decorations such as bumps or brooches. After all, this accessory should reflect the personality of the bride and create her unique image and style.

How to make your own artificial wedding bouquet

If you want to make some flowers of fabric then you need dense textiles such as silk, cotton, satin or sateen.

  1. First of all, you should cut several circles of different diameters from the fabric and scorch their edges by fire;
  2. Then you can make cuts on circle edge but it is not necessary;
  3. The smaller circles should be put on the bigger ones;
  4. Then all the circles are sewn together in the center and decorated with a bead.

All you need to finalize the bridal bouquet of artificial flowers is to insert the fabric buds into artificial legs that are sold in any flower shop. Your flowers can be further decorated with paper or synthetic leaves.

In order to make the original theme bouquet, you need some selected items (brooches, candy or buttons) and wire. Such a bouquet is formed into a ball and all the fixtures will be invisible. Any additional decoration is not required, otherwise, your bunch will be overloaded.

If you want to make a perfect craft it is absolutely necessary to have some practice before. The draft can be used as a backup to the bouquet-throwing at the end of the celebration.

What bridal bouquet to choose: artificial or live

Bouquet is of great importance for the bride at the wedding because when she takes it from the groom she agrees to marry him. Moreover, the bouquet of the fiancée is the most important accessory in the image of any lady, so it has to be chosen or composed with the highest responsibility. Bride’s bouquet reflects her personality, femininity and romanticism with the help of both natural and artificial flowers.

wedding artificial bouquets

While thinking whether to choose artificial or live bridal bouquet, you should take into consideration the season of the year, the image of the fiancée, wedding budget and the most important thing – the preferences of the bride. In a few winter hours the bunch of cones and dried berries will have much more attractive outlook than the wilted natural flowers. In spring you cannot abandon the classic bouquet and the broadest selection of seasonal flowers is a candy for your eyes.

Bouquet of fresh flowers is a classic option and it is almost impossible to lose with it. On the other hand, an artificial wedding bouquet wins when it looks either very natural or very original. Keep in your mind that the appearance of artificial bouquet depends directly on the level of its implementation. Well-chosen composition and quality fulfillment of the bunch will never look cheap or vulgar.

The groom can also participate in choosing or composing the bouquet. In fact, he is the one who will present the bunch of flowers to his lady as a token of his endless love. Each wedding is unique and, therefore, requires suitable floral decorations.

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