Beach wedding bouquets

Beach weddings are beautiful and amazing! Relaxation, closeness to nature, romance and beauty! In addition, the wedding on the beach gives you the opportunity to realize the most fantastic ideas. For example, you can pick up absolutely unusual and original beach wedding bouquet. We offer 7 ideas that are worth paying attention to.

In order to make up a beach wedding bouquets you can choose some beautiful flowers that you love, adding to them some sea elements, such as sea-urchins, shells, stars, decorative fish and pearls, to emphasize the fact that the wedding you have is a beach one.

You can also create a beach wedding bouquet only from these elements, completely giving flowers up. One of the main advantages of such a bouquet is that it will never wither. In addition, the bouquets in a marine style are very beautiful, because the variety of shells, sea stars and their shapes and colors are so great that you can create a truly stunning bridal accessory. By the way, seashells and starfish can also be painted, so the wedding bouquet can be made into any desired color.

We recommend adding an unusual themed brooch to such a bridal bouquet – for example, in the form of a fish, an octopus, a dolphin.
nautical wedding flowers
The main feature of summer wedding flowers is airy softness and transparent lightness. What flowers are used for the bridal bouquet – this is the subject of our article.

Summer wedding flowers in your bridal bouquet

Summer is the best time for the wedding ceremony. There are no restrictions in the choice of the bride’s dress, you don’t need to worry about the wedding venue – a forest glade will fit, and you can choose your bridal bouquet from a huge number of summer wedding flowers.

If you have planned to hold your wedding just in this warm time, it will be useful for you to learn some features of floral decoration of summer weddings.

Summer brings incredible riot of colors. You can buy luxury bouquets in any flower shop, and the choice is enormous – peonies, roses, gerberas, chamomiles. Some flowers only gain momentum, others have full-pleasing heavenly beauty. The floral conveyor runs at full capacity and provides no opportunity to ignore this colorful diversity.

The main highlight of the summer wedding bouquet lies in its airiness and lightness. This bouquet is always picked from delicate and refined flowers. Gerberas in this respect are absolutely summer plants. Despite their simplicity, they have, like chamomiles, a kind of stylishness. They are strict and at the same time cheerful flowers. The inexpressible palette of their colors gladdens us throughout all the summer.
flowers for a beach wedding
Chrysanthemums, peonies, carnations also can be attributed to the category of summer wedding flowers. A summer wedding bouquet of white carnations looks very gently. White color does not distract attention from the dress and perfectly adjusts the image, making it even more feminine and clean. White gerberas rarely are on sale, but if you are lucky, you’ll be able to buy a wedding bouquet of white gerberas at a flower shop.

You can characterize this masterpiece of floristry as a symbol of living from blank slate. The lily-white plant, simple in form, attracts looks and causes enthusiastic feelings.

Floral conveyor

Summer is the favorite season for the lovers who have decided to legalize their relationship. And this is not connected only with the warm weather, but also with the opportunity to decorate the wedding with summer wedding flowers in large quantities.

In summer we are surrounded by flowers everywhere. They are present as decoration on the tissues of summer clothes. They are used to decorate the celebrations.
seashell wedding bouquets
Summer is a time when wedding floristry can show all its possibilities! And it has something to show. Florists prepare floral arrangements for weddings that will decorate the table without taking up a lot of space. Plates, decorated with flowers, charm the guests and create a special mood.

In summer, you can experiment. Summer wedding flowers allows to dream and to create not only popular zephyr-milk bouquets, but also to make succulent, creative wedding bouquets. Listen to your wishes. Take a look at our collection! In it you will certainly find a bouquet that will be able to display your character and will create a festive mood!

Beach Wedding Bouquets Ideas

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