Best wedding flowers for a happy marriage

This article describes the best wedding flowers: the value of each flower, advantages and disadvantages, the relevance in a particular wedding party, its matching to a bride and her image as well as the ways of bouquet making.
Monofloral wedding bouquets look unusual and even a bit of a revolutionary comparing to standard classical wedding compositions. It should be noted that these bouquets look femininely, soft and organically with almost any wedding dress and that they are very practical for the newlyweds-to-be in terms of wedding turmoil.
So, let’s consider 10 types of florets that can be used to make both beautiful and stylish best wedding bouquets for the fiancée!

1. Dahlia
For a bride who plans her wedding in a “fabulous” and beautifully decorated place, a wedding bouquet of dahlias could be an interesting option. Moreover, you can make her a small hair ornament matching the bouquet. It looks very cute and womanly.
Dahlias come in red, orange, burgundy, yellow, white and pink and have stunningly beautiful bright “wax” blossoms. By the way, a bunch of flowers with dahlias and fern looks just adorable!

2. Carnation
There are several things that make carnations very attractive for weddings.

  • First of all, they are cheaper than other florets. This is especially important for your client if the wedding budget is severely limited under certain circumstances (all the weddings are different and not everyone nowadays can afford to spend some 40-70 thousand USD for a marriage).
  • Secondly, they come in all shades of white, purple, pink, red, orange, cream, light green, etc.
  • And the last but not the least, carnations can stay fresh and fragrant as long as 3 weeks!

best flowers for wedding bouquet
Plenty of available bouquet forms, rich colors of modern varieties and amazing vitality make carnation a very attractive flower for wedding floristry.
A bunch of carnations suits both a wedding dress with lace details and completely smooth straight style of dress.

3. Sunflower
Perhaps the most unexpected flower to create a wedding bouquet is a sunflower. Sunflower blossoms can decorate the image of any bride and give people the feelings of joy and warmth because the sunflower is nothing but the real symbol of the sun.
There are many advantages of using sunflowers for wedding flower compositions.

  • Sunflower stalks are thick and large, and therefore, you do not need to figure out how to make a handle for the bouquet. The stem itself is good enough to cope with this role.
  • These flowers are quite persistent so the newlyweds will be able to delight with their beauty and freshness throughout the long wedding day.
  • Bright yellow sunflower symbolizes the joyful and happy life. And its seeds represent fertility because each planted seed gives a birth to a new floret!

A monofloral wedding bouquet of sunflowers will be a perfect match for brides in ethnic and traditional wedding dresses, as well as for a natural style fiancée image.

4. Calla
A unique calla inflorescence is shaped like a glass of champagne and this is one of the reasons for the immense popularity of these flowers for the wedding bouquets making.
Callas are considered to be traditional wedding flowers! But now the variety of colors allows us to make not only the usual bouquet of white florets. You can choose orange, yellow, pink, purple, red or even black colors as well. There are no limits except your taste and a flight of imagination.
It is recommended not to mix callas with the other flowers in bouquets because calla is able to decorate any fiancée on its own. The severity of this ornamental plant, its minimalist elegance does not require any additional decorations or adornment.
For white wedding bunches of flowers, it is better to choose callas with dark-green leaves or supplement it with some other additional greens. It will shade the white color of the blossom, which, otherwise, could be concealed by the bride’s dress.
There are several varieties of callas differing in length of the stem. Accordingly, a bouquet of long florets can be more extended and a bunch of short callas is usually made in a round shape. However, in this case you have to take about 15-19 flowers. Florists typically advise tall girls to use calla bouquets.
Wedding bouquet of calla lilies best suits the more restrained and strict dress with simple cut rather than the finery. If dress corset is beautifully and richly decorated, callas can simply obscure the pattern, so, it is better to provide the other options for the bouquet.
Calla lilies have a pungent smell, so idiosyncrasy of a bride or a groom can be a serious contraindication to use it in a wedding bunch of flowers. This becomes especially important if the bride is pregnant.

5. Lily of the valley
Lilies of the valley symbolize happiness and joy. Bouquets look very simple and very stylish at the same time. Bunch of lilies of the valley and nothing but lilies of the valley is a real exclusive nowadays!
Air, quivering, fragrant – it seems that these flowers have just been collected in some real forest! Such a bouquet will be extraordinarily beautiful “accessory” to the classic white wedding dress as well as to the wedding dress with a train.
best flowers for wedding bouquets

6. Chamomile
This flower emphasizes the tenderness and the charm of a fiancée. It is perfect for romantic girls. Charming white flowers are appropriate and suitable even to a very simple dress.

7. Orchid
A monofloral wedding bouquet of white orchids is a modern classic.
To make the composition look interesting and the bride – a unique, you can give a special form to the bouquet: a few flowers should have a sort of “fall out” of the basic composition forming a beautiful cascade.
The nice thing about orchids is that they preserve their freshness for a very long time and do not require encapsulation. The most frequently used varieties of orchids are dendrobium and phalaenopsis, both having beautiful lush blossoms and thin stems that create a unique image of fragility, gracefulness and air elegance.
Orchids are not just beautiful, they are also fully responsible floral wedding etiquette!
These flowers symbolize marital happiness, numerous offspring and finesse. A wedding bouquet of flowers, which are a symbol of beauty and love, becomes a refined decoration in the hands of the happy bride!
best wedding bouquet flowers

8. Stephanotis
9. Anemone
10. Hydrangea

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