Blue wedding flowers

Blue wedding flowers are personification of eternity and boundless sky, loyalty and depth of tender romantic feelings. Large dignity of blue wedding bouquets is the fact that they are blamelessly and effectively acceptable to the eye at any time of the year:

  • in winter they will emphasize a sense of pure freshness;
  • in autumn they will remind about spring light breeze;
  • in summer they will create a feeling of coolness;
  • in spring they will gladden with celestial glow.

Blue wedding bouquets like white ones, are the symbol of loyalty and endless love. A bride, who has chosen blue tones for her wedding, is able to get along with people and create comfortable atmosphere in the house. She is trustful, tender; she possesses gentle character, loves regularity and calmness.
blue and white wedding flowers
Having made the choice of the blue wedding bouquet, a bride must very carefully think over the colors of her wedding-dress, accessories and decor of the wedding reception itself. It is important to take into account all details of the wedding decor in dark blue color.

While assembling the wedding bouquet from blue wedding flowers it is necessary not to forget that blue coloring of a flower visually diminishes its size. It means that flowers of blue tint must be much bigger than the flowers of other colors in the bouquet.

At faint lighting blue color may interflow with green and it should be separated with the help of white color. Not necessarily these must be white flowers, it is quite sufficient to add decorative twigs or leaves of white color to the bouquet.
tiffany blue wedding flowers
A bouquet with blue wedding flowers must be composed in such a way that it must not interflow with the color of the wedding dress but it must emphasize its beauty.

Probably the use of blue wedding flowers in a bouquet is one of the most favorable decisions as the rich choice of flowers of these tints enables to compose the most beautiful and the tenderest wedding compositions, which possibly will become the highlight of your wedding character.

It is necessary that blue wedding flowers which you use for composing a bouquet must be of natural blue or dark blue color. What is meant by this? Natural flowers are the flowers which are not dyed. Bouquets made of such flowers look much more natural.
light blue wedding flowers

The choice of a dress for blue wedding flowers

A bride with a blue wedding bouquet must be dressed either in a dark blue dress or white one with decoration of dark blue color. The best thing is to shade a dark blue wedding dress with a bouquet with dark blue and white flowers which will be tellingly distinguished against the background of the dress.

A tender blue dress of a bride will look miraculously effective with a light blue bouquet. Simple field wild flowers like cornflowers and a chic wedding dress with embroidery on it will emphasize modesty and elegance of a bride.

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