Bridal bouquet holder

Good photo designers and flower arrangers know a lot of small tricks which are irreplaceable in their craft. Various appliances, materials, and adornments allow making the composition of flowers more beautiful and trig. Bridal bouquet holder is such an appliance that helps the florist in creating a beautiful bouquet that remains fresh for a long period of time.

What does the bridal bouquet holder stand for? It’s a plastic or metal bouquet support with a carcass, a handle, and so-called working area with the floristic material allowing the long-term freshness of flowers. On the outside, this tool reminds of a microphone, and this is how the florists name this appliance is in their slang.
flower bouquet holder
Bridal bouquet holder is indispensible when one needs to compose a beautiful bouquet quickly. The construction allows not only holding the flowers in the necessary position, but keeping them fresh during the whole wedding ceremony, too.

The flower stems are fixed in the crumbly floristic material which is also called oasis. The handle and the body frame of the tool require decoration. The exception is made just by the metalized goods that look luxuriously and jaunty even without any decoration.

Bridal bouquet holder is decorated by fabric, lace, beads, cuffs, tape-ribbon, and solid leaves. The color of the mentioned materials should be selected in accordance with the tones of the bouquet itself. For example, a ribbon of light transparent organza will suit best for delicate light roses. It is better to use dark dense velvet for a bunch of vinous roses, freesias and irises. For a mischievous arrangement of bright chrysanthemums, chamomiles, cornflowers, and other wild flowers, one will require a shiny and pompous fabric, but not a fanciful one; its tone should coincide with the gradation of one of the flowers from the bunch.
fresh flower bouquet holder
Bridal bouquet holder is suitable for creating bouquets of the great variety of forms: drop-shaped, round, linear, or flowing one. It is a real Aladdin’s lamp of the bridal florist, certainly, providing they are able to select the tool of a necessary form and know how to decorate its handle and body frame. So, the crucial moment is to adorn the bouquet holder so skillfully that no one would ever suspect its existence. Peeping out plastic handle or another detail of the bridal bouquet holder is considered to be a bad form and can reduce to zero the whole fairness of the bunch of wedding flowers.

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