Ideas for cheap wedding flowers

While the average price of weddings in the United States has risen to more than $27,000 (and over $65,000 in large cities such as New York), brides are finding ways to spend that money more wisely, and discovering tips and tricks... Read more

Fall wedding flowers

Flowers as a decoration at the wedding come to the fore. Fall has specific colors and if you organize your wedding than you can use just these colors. When we are talking about fall wedding flowers there are a lot of... Read more

Spring wedding flowers

Did you decide to have the wedding in spring? It is a very successful choice, because this season is traditionally rich in romanticism, love and bright emotions. Revival of nature after long winter sleep will become the original symbol of love,... Read more

Flower arrangements for weddings

A wedding is a very touching and unforgettable moment in the life of any person. And during this event flower arrangements for weddings are capable to create solemn and magic atmosphere of a holiday, and also wonderful moments which will remain... Read more

Beach wedding bouquets

Beach weddings are beautiful and amazing! Relaxation, closeness to nature, romance and beauty! In addition, the wedding on the beach gives you the opportunity to realize the most fantastic ideas. For example, you can pick up absolutely unusual and original beach... Read more

Blue wedding flowers

Blue wedding flowers are personification of eternity and boundless sky, loyalty and depth of tender romantic feelings. Large dignity of blue wedding bouquets is the fact that they are blamelessly and effectively acceptable to the eye at any time of the... Read more

Silk wedding bouquets

Wedding bouquets silk is popular material from which you can make your silk wedding bouquets. There are some similar materials which you can use to achieve a similar appearance. For example, you can use material satin. When you use satin you... Read more

Paper flowers for your bridal inspiration

A wedding decor is always new and interesting finds. Today we will tell you about paper flowers wedding. Such flowers are successfully combined with natural flowers decoration and they look all-sufficiently in separate elements of decor, and now and then they... Read more

Wedding flowers by season

When you’re going to make a choice of wedding flowers, it often comes the question: “What did choose???”. Remember that you need to choose wedding flowers so that their hue will be combined with the color of your wedding decor, and... Read more

Gerbera daisy wedding bouquet

March means a begin of season of gerbera. You can make gerbera daisy wedding bouquets in many different colors. These colors are usually delicate.These colors are yellow, orange, white, rose or shades of red. Gerbera are giving volume to your gerbera... Read more
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