October perfect wedding flowers

When planning a wedding in October, special attention should be paid to the October wedding flowers. For this bouquet fit saturated colours that symbolize the fall season. There are endless combinations color palettes for October wedding flowers: Chrysanthemums: available... Read more

Artificial wedding bouquets

The concept of artificial wedding bouquets often evokes controversial feelings and associations. Because unnaturally bright plastic buds usually come to our minds as soon as we hear this combination of words. But, in fact, modern floristry offers girls artificial... Read more

Rustic wedding bouquets

Rustic wedding seems simple, but it only seems. For simplicity, as a rule, there is much work of decorators or brides who are scrupulously selected all the details. Rustic wedding bouquets are just one of those parts. The main... Read more

Wedding hair flowers

There are a lot of wedding hair ideas for your wedding hair style. There is big choice of hair pins for hair, headbands, rubber bands for hair, hair bands and wedding hair flowers. The flower which you will put... Read more

Rose wedding bouquets

Rose wedding bouquets are one of the most beautiful ideas for your wonderful wedding. If you want romantic wedding, rose wedding bouquets are real choice. When you make your rose wedding bouquet you can choose different number and color... Read more

Wedding church flowers

When choosing decorations for the church in which you shall marry the first step that you need to do is to visit your wedding church. Wedding church flowers are usually white color with some greenery but sometimes you can... Read more

Types of wedding flowers

There are many types of wedding flowers. We single out the main types of bridal bouquet by two characteristics: the method of assembly and form. There are three types of wedding flowers by the way of they assembly: Flower... Read more

Purple wedding flowers

In Christian symbolics purple color is considered the color of spiritual suffering and it is supposed to wear it in days of sorrow. And according to the studies of Feng shui it signifies wealth and power. Who is right?... Read more

White wedding flowers

White wedding flowers are the classics which is always in fashion. White flowers symbolize youth and innocence, perfectly supplementing a charming character of a bride. As a matter of fact very often a newly-wed couple chooses exactly white wedding... Read more
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