Yellow wedding flowers

Is it true that yellow flowers can cause separation? And can you select yellow colour for the wedding? Will yellow wedding flowers be relevant? Many people want to know the answers to these questions. Yellow wedding bouquets are very rarely used... Read more

Wedding bouquets pictures

The bouquet of a bride seems to be the key attribute of the wedding ceremony as well as the wedding photo session. In order to take splendid wedding bouquets pictures, you should think carefully over the wedding flowers preparation. You can... Read more

Blue wedding flowers

Blue wedding flowers are personification of eternity and boundless sky, loyalty and depth of tender romantic feelings. Large dignity of blue wedding bouquets is the fact that they are blamelessly and effectively acceptable to the eye at any time of the... Read more

Red and white wedding bouquets

There are a lot of flowers that you can combine and make your red and white wedding bouquets with some red and white wedding flowers. You can use any type of flowers to combine and make your wedding bouquet. There are... Read more

Romantic red wedding bouquets

For a long time men gave flowers to women. It is a sign of attention and gratitude. And certainly such a day, one of the most important days in the lives of newly-weds, can not do without presenting of a bouquet.... Read more

Pink wedding flowers

There is a lot of species of wedding flowers. Their appearance depends from the flower, from the color and from the size of the flower. Theme of your wedding is really important and determines the appearance of your wedding bouquet. If... Read more

Purple wedding flowers

In Christian symbolics purple color is considered the color of spiritual suffering and it is supposed to wear it in days of sorrow. And according to the studies of Feng shui it signifies wealth and power. Who is right? What should... Read more

White wedding flowers

White wedding flowers are the classics which is always in fashion. White flowers symbolize youth and innocence, perfectly supplementing a charming character of a bride. As a matter of fact very often a newly-wed couple chooses exactly white wedding bouquets. You... Read more