Coral wedding flowers – for sincerely loving couple

It is hardly possible to find such a gentle and timid color for the Bridal bouquet than coral wedding flowers. In ancient times, the shades of coral endowed with magical properties. The coral amulet was a symbol of eternity, immortality and spiritual purity.

Many couples began to make a choice in favor of coral wedding. This is not surprising because besides the fact that coral color is fabulously beautiful in itself, it also goes well with almost all colors.

Coral wedding flowers

Coral wedding flowers can be both artificial and alive. When you choose an artificial wedding bouquet coral color special difficulties should arise. Some modern brides appreciate such benefits of artificial flowers as reliability (will not wither prematurely and will not break), a variety of color palettes and designs, the similarity to real flowers. Metal flowers can be difficult to distinguish from live.
teal and coral wedding flowers
Of course, it’s still more popular at a wedding are alive flowers. Coral wedding bouquets flowers can also be used for the ceremony, only need to choose a florist and make the order.

The easiest way to use coral wedding flowers is to take roses. Coral roses are more common in sales, especially popular shrub. But the wedding bouquets are not just of roses. If you want you can use for wedding tulips, gerbera daisies, spray chrysanthemums.

It is possible to find these coral wedding flowers is somewhat difficult, however, you can use such colors as white, crimson, pink, orange, yellow. For wedding hall or the bride’s image in the coral style is perfectly combined shades of colors.

What color match coral wedding flowers

coral bouquets weddings
One of the advantages of coral color is versatility. Coral wedding bouquet that can complement almost any color and in every combination it will play differently. Below are the main variations of the combination of coral with other colors in the wedding.

  1. White – the color is associated with the dress of the bride. White and coral complement each other, creating a gentle and innocent way.
  2. Black. Against the background of black color coral takes on a special significance, this combination looks rather austere, however, it can be used to create a harmonious image of the groom or for packing wedding gifts.
  3. Beige and coral in the duet look feminine and attractive.
  4. Turquoise. Coral and turquoise create for each other a special contrast, which is very popular with the brides. This combination at the wedding is going to look bright and unusual.
  5. Green and its variations. If the combination of coral and green, it will be useful to adding white. This trio looks quite harmoniously.
  6. Yellow and coral bold but it is possible combination. It is best to approach coral bright shades of yellow.

mint and coral wedding bouquets
Whatever color is not combined coral, it will never lose its charm. Coral wedding flowers in combination with white, orange or yellow look even better than in a plain bouquet. Can be offset with coral flowers with the decor, packaging, or tape in a contrasting color.

Wedding in coral style

If the coral color has charmed the bride, you can go ahead coral wedding bouquet and to decorate ceremonial hall in coral style. Of course it is better to combine it with other colors to avoid the possible sweetness. To design a wedding hall, you can also use coral flowers, supplementing them with appropriate tablecloths, curtains, napkins and other items.

Now it has become popular to use the same dress for the bridesmaids. The coral color is perfect for this purpose. First, these bridesmaid dresses will blend perfectly with a classic white bride’s dress, it is beneficial to shade. Second, a delicate image created dress coral dress will satisfy many girls.

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