flower petals for wedding

From olden times showering the flower petals for wedding on a newly married couple has become a heart-warming tradition. On a wedding day, rose petals for wedding are not just a decoration, they represent love, prosperity and harmony in a domestic life. They are appropriate for showering on a bride and a groom, a wedding limo, a marriage bed, walkways and tables, they complement and emphasize the unique charm of an occasion.

It is very romantic to cover the wedding limousine and a path, which the newlyweds will walk over for the first time being a husband and a wife, with flower petals for wedding. Rose petals for wedding, which emphasize the romance of a marriage ceremony by its beauty and tenderness, will create a stunning effect on a rite.
flower petals for weddings
This charming tradition has come to us from ancient times. The rose is a queen of flowers and rose petals are a symbol of true love. All nations in all times always put the rose on the first place among the huge variety of flowers. The poets celebrated its beauty, perfection of forms and wonderful aroma, the rose is famed in legends, it has been graved in stones, painted, minted on coins, the holidays were dedicated to it. Rose wreaths crowned heroes, petals and seeds of “the Queen of flowers” were used for making drinks and treats. Roman patricians had covered their beds with rose petals, as the rose scent is a reminiscence of the flavor of love. So let the beginning of a joint way of a loving couple be paved with rose petals for wedding!

There is no such thing as a lot of flower petals for wedding! It’d be better if a bride and a groom will stock a large amount of rose petals for wedding instead of traumatic coins, rice or candy. It is not uncommon when the “accurate” throw of coins or candy leads to an obvious bad result on a wedding, small rice enters eyes and gets stuck in hair and photographs of the betrothed pair, screwed up their eyes, are not very aesthetic.
rose petals for weddings
However, both coins and rice have a traditional symbolic meaning. For example, in former times, rice and corn were symbols of fertility, procreation and the tradition of throwing rice or grain in front of a newly married couple reminds of it. This is the way the guests and family would like to wish the young couple to have many children and abundance in life. If traditions are important for the young couple, it’s better to cover the path with rice or to make a heart of it and to shower airy and beautiful rose petals for wedding on a groom and a bride. Add a touch of romance in a wedding ceremony by covering the newlyweds with flower petals for wedding within the wedding dance.

By laying a heart of rose petals for wedding on a bed on the wedding night you will add not only romance and beauty to the interior, but also a pleasant fragrance. You can also cover the path to the car with the petals and strew the floor in a wedding limousine.
rose petals for wedding aisle
Flower petals for wedding are more than necessary on a on-site wedding ceremony. Just imagine! A romantic place – a floral park or an ancient manor. An elegant arch which is exquisitely decorated with flowers and airy veil, the carpet strewn with rose petals for wedding, chairs with white covers for the guests, magical music performed by a string ensemble. Bridesmaids and adorable flower girls in beautiful dresses and wreaths…

A heartwarming ceremony, oaths of eternal love and fidelity, rings, a kiss in the rain of rose petals for wedding – and now you are married! And right after the marriage registration there will be congratulations, tears of joy and, of course, a banquet with sparkling champagne!!! If this is your dream, then it will not be possible to make it real without flower petals for wedding. This is a fabulous, touching, beautiful and memorable marriage ceremony, just as you dreamed about…

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