June wedding flowers

From the very childhood we remembere June as a time of sweet strawberries, fragrant liquid honey, blooming lilacs and the flying poplar fluff. As adults, many consciously choose June for the solemn event. It is more than any other month, gives a huge scope for imagination, fits extraordinary, stylish wedding. Regardless of which style you choose for your celebration, thanks to the original june wedding flowers it’ll be unforgettable.

Very popular among the young people is a June wedding. And it has its own reasons. Profuse flowering roses, painted with various shades, happens in the first month of summer. So many colors give you endless possibilities to create the most original june wedding flowers.

The fragrance of flowers and herbs is crazy, fresh greens have not yet managed to dust and pleases the eye with rich shades. The heat of the sun is not as strong as in July and August. Fresh berries – cherries, strawberries look so appetizing. And your june wedding flowers become almost the central theme of your wedding.
flowers for a june wedding
At this time a huge number of young couples want to register marriage. They want to look seem extraordinary, to stand out among friends and acquaintances? Use some of our recommendations, pay a needed attention to the organization of the celebration and your june wedding flowers, and everything will work out great!

    • Let the others buy for june wedding flowers traditional roses, lilies. Take on a wedding day a bouquet of seasonal June flowers – peonies, daisies. Decorate it with greenery, berries of mountain ash, and get your original composition.
    • Instead of white wreath of a bride, make a DIY ornament for your hair. Tear the fresh flowers of jasmine, poppy, cherry, dip them for a second in the melted wax. They will become stronger; you can easily make a wedding tiara from them. And you will look not like the others.
    • You need to feet to the bright summer month. Choose unusual fun colors wedding shoes, along with beautiful pedicure and you will make a lasting impression.

june flowers wedding

    • Fill your wedding day with aroma june wedding flowers. Let them decorate the banquet hall of a restaurant or cafe, banquet tables, outfits for the newlyweds, witnesses and guests.
    • Set the dress code for the bridesmaids. Let each of them pick out a wedding dress in a single color of the rainbow and a bouquet of flowers. On the background of this live flowers a bride in a white dress will look sophisticated, as the most delicate bud.
    • To achieve a colorful and diversity, friends of the groom will help with a variety of bright bow ties. Pink, blue, lime stripes enliven solid color men’s outfits.

june wedding bouquets

  • In June, decorate your wedding cake fresh fruit – strawberries, peaches, cherries, apricots.
  • The fest will be inimitable, if you will invite a team, skillfully playing jazz. It will be a real highlight of the wedding. There is a wonderful tradition – the first dance of the newlyweds followed with the jazz music. It will be fabulous.
  • If nearby there is a pond, invite your guests to enjoy an exciting trip on a ship or boat. At the same time, they will witness a wonderful photo shoot.
  • Rent a car for the wedding with an open top, because you can enjoy this pleasure only in the summer.

June wedding flowers Photo Tips

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