What are they – November wedding flowers?

The Bridal bouquet is undoubtedly one of the most important elements of the bride’s image. Flowers included in the bouquet, usually matched on the basis of color of the wedding dress and accessories.

Quite often they blend in with the main stylistic theme of the wedding decor in general, however, it is not a strict rule. In addition, choosing flowers for a bouquet in addition to preferences of the bride and theme of the wedding, be sure to consider the time of year, selected the couples for marriage, and specifically, in what month will be the celebration.

Each season has its own particular wedding decor, which is expressed in colors and in choosing specific plants and flowers for arrangements.
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What are they – November wedding flowers?

  • First, it should be noted that November is the month of transition. Autumn is not over yet, but in the middle lane already felt the approach of winter, and in some places this month, even snow.
  • Low and sometimes sub-zero temperature outside dictates the rules to the preparation of the wedding bouquet. So if you intend a long stay in the open air, for example, a long wedding photo shoot, you must be aware that not every flower can stand it. In this case, florists often use cold-resistant flowers and plants, dried flowers and various decorative materials.
  • The main color scheme for wedding decor during this period of time brides often choose a soft, calm pastel colors: beige, soft pink, powder, lilac, mint.

As the basis of the bouquet can be made with different varieties of hydrangea (varieties of green or green-red color – varieties in other colors are extremely sensitive to both low and high temperature), Limonium, Statice, Scabiosa, Craspedia, Waxflower, Brunia and gray-green varieties of Eucalyptus, such as baby blue and Cinerea.
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Unmatched look wedding bouquets, consisting wholly of cotton. As decorative elements there may be cinnamon, cardamom and even spruce or pine cones. Moreover, the bride’s bouquet can be composed even without the use of any colors! This solution is popular with brides, wedding which occurs in winter and late autumn. Usually, bouquets of this type are made of ribbons, dried branches, decorative beads, large natural or dyed feathers, crystals, rhinestones and other decorative elements.

Quite often, as if contrary to the dullness and gloom of the November day, the couple in the style of the wedding design you decide to use bright, saturated colors. In this case, the bride’s bouquet and floral arrangements that are created for decorating wedding tables, arches, photo zone or a sweet table, quite logically will look, for example, red Rowan berries, Hypericum or Ileksa.

Approach these plants and other November wedding flowers also for the compilation of the so-called “winter bouquets” in that case, if the main solution to wedding decor is a Christmas theme.

This style is often chosen by newlyweds, whose date of the wedding falls on the last day of the month, when behind the window may already be stable “minus” and snow drifts. In this case, wedding centerpieces and to the bridal bouquet is recommended to add a Danish spruce branches, Nobilis.

Now consider the situation when the wedding party no lengthy photo shoots, and it is expected that the Bridal bouquet will not be for a long time is on the street.

In this case, November wedding flowers is virtually any flowers and plants from a wide range of used by florists all year round. Moreover, in this period, there are flowers such as Ranunculus (Buttercup) and an anemone.
wedding flowers in season in november
Especially worth noting is the fact that from November to April they come to the stores just of excellent quality, as the seasonality of growing and harvesting accounts for these months!

What other November wedding flowers need to mention? How about adored by bride peonies and peony roses? Can you use them in wedding bouquets during this period of time? Of course, you can! But only subject to the conditions in which would be the bouquet throughout the day, and as was mentioned above.

In conclusion remains to add that, choosing a November wedding flowers for a Bridal bouquet, you need to remember about this attribute, as the groom’s boutonniere. Usually, it is created in the same stylistic manner as the bouquet, and, accordingly, are used to produce those flowers.

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