October perfect wedding flowers

When planning a wedding in October, special attention should be paid to the October wedding flowers. For this bouquet fit saturated colours that symbolize the fall season.

There are endless combinations color palettes for October wedding flowers:

    • Chrysanthemums: available in a wide range of colors, but these flowers are hard to track when it comes to the formation. They may resemble daisies.
    • Rose: this is one of the most famous flowers, and they have colors from pale pink to chocolate brown.
    • Hydrangeas: hydrangeas grow in inflorescences, which look like many small flowers. They are usually of white color but can be also of blue color, of red color, of pink or of purple color.

october wedding flowers in season

  • Gladioli: there are several flowers on the stem. They come of pink color, of red color and purple with white spots. In addition, there is of white and of cream with red and orange markings.
  • Freesia: It’s fragrant flowers with a funnel shape. They are available year round of colors white, cream, yellow, lavender, purple, orange and pink.
  • Delphinium: this plants with high trunk, dotted with small flowers. Color choices include red, white, lavender, blue, Indigo and violet.

Berries and herbs

Do not neglect the addition of earthly beauty, berries and herbs to your October wedding flowers were original and flawless. Look at the plants of the pods to add texture and make the bouquet more attractive.
wedding flowers in october
Look at the Crocus, which looks almost like a freesia, but at the same time, it develops the aforementioned pods, when ripen. Another good option is Hypericum. On the Internet, you can find Hypericum colors of brown, yellow, green, red, orange and pink.

As for herbs, you can add wheat or rye for even greater originality of form. Instead of herbs, you can simply choose a richly colored leaves in beautiful autumn colors. You can add your own flowers with a wrapper made of leaves in shades of red, orange, yellow and sometimes even brown.

Optionally add to October wedding flowers the cinnamon sticks

The contrast with the green leaves is stunning no matter which combination you choose. You can go with simple, small bouquet of cream roses, or chrysanthemums of different shades.

If you are sentimental, consider making your bouquet flowers out of silk. You can save these flowers, and even to leave them as decoration and reminders about of the most romantic day in Your life.
flowers for october wedding
Make a smaller bouquet if you plan to throw, it will be more convenient.

Don’t forget that it is always cheaper to choose seasonal flowers, so if you can, try to include as much as possible the autumn flowers in your ceremony October.

Wedding is one of the most significant days in the life of two people. Let you will remember it as the brightest event in your life!

October wedding flowers photos

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