Wildflower wedding bouquets

In the summer you plan the most special event in your life – your wedding – and you have not yet decided which bouquet to choose? Then it’s useful to know that the trend of wedding bouquets 2016 – became wildflower... Read more

Wedding bouquet: size does matter!

There are many options, while a bride chooses the wedding bouquet – flowers, type of the bouquet, color combinations, etc. and even considering all this at the same time you can still overdo it, make mistakes, and in wedding day you... Read more

Wedding bouquets pictures

The bouquet of a bride seems to be the key attribute of the wedding ceremony as well as the wedding photo session. In order to take splendid wedding bouquets pictures, you should think carefully over the wedding flowers preparation. You can... Read more

Peony wedding bouquet

Peonies are luxurious fluffy flowers which symbolize wealth and youth. Indeed, these flowers look pretty expensive. So why not use peony wedding bouquet for your wedding? In fact, it can be done and should be! Firstly, peony wedding bouquets are not... Read more

How to create vintage wedding bouquets

The trend for vintage wedding bouquets has really revived the beautiful English country garden look. It’s a style that lends itself to a very natural organic look through the use of old-fashioned perfumed flowers. Flower choices for vintage wedding bouquets By... Read more

Flower wedding ring

Have you ever dreamed of flower wedding ring? We know a lot of girls have. Let’s think this idea over. Traditionally, making a marriage proposal a man gives a girl a ring. And he wants to hear “Yes!” But to hear... Read more

Winter wedding flowers

Winter wedding flowers are romantic flowers which give an elegant and romantic appearance to your wedding. It makes that your wedding looks special an unusual. There are a lot of ideas to make winter wedding flowers. Bouquets depend on the type... Read more

Ideas for cheap wedding flowers

While the average price of weddings in the United States has risen to more than $27,000 (and over $65,000 in large cities such as New York), brides are finding ways to spend that money more wisely, and discovering tips and tricks... Read more

Fall wedding flowers

Flowers as a decoration at the wedding come to the fore. Fall has specific colors and if you organize your wedding than you can use just these colors. When we are talking about fall wedding flowers there are a lot of... Read more

Arbor for wedding

There are many of ideas for your wedding arbor decorations. Flowers and colors which you choose are very important to know how will look your wedding arbor decoration in the end. You have to combine it with environment which you choose... Read more
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