Paper flowers for your bridal inspiration

A wedding decor is always new and interesting finds. Today we will tell you about paper flowers wedding. Such flowers are successfully combined with natural flowers decoration and they look all-sufficiently in separate elements of decor, and now and then they look quite as real.

A charm of paper flowers wedding lies in the fact that they will not wither till the end of the wedding evening, and already after the wedding it is possible to save them and decorate your house with them. Let’s share paper inspiration!

Not every lady is ready to give up from natural flowers in her bouquet but it is necessary to acknowledge justly that bright and magnificent paper wedding flowers look incredibly spectacular. And the most important plus in it is that you can keep such a bouquet for long years.

You can order such a work of art in the authorial studios of decor. And if you like to create something with your own hands, try to make a small bouquet individually. There is a great number of master class and video on this subject in the internet. It is possible to make a bouquet from music books, crepe paper, thin colored paper or paper for scrap booking.
paper bridal bouquet
To make your appearance be in harmony with maids of honor and the bridegroom, it is possible to make a mini-bouquet and a buttonhole from the same material or in the same color spectrum. If you will make a bouquet independently it is necessary to make a trial variant. Paper must hold on well, it must not become unstuck and not tear.


It is also possible to use paper flowers wedding in the decor of your ceremony. An arch with paper wedding flowers on it looks not only originally; it also saves your money. The scale of decorations with such flowers is practically not limited while a great amount of even the simplest roses will look more expensive.

Flowers made of paper look very nice in combination with fabric and ribbons. Use them also for decoration of passage-way between chairs, and confetti in the form of miniature flowers will complement the picture of the wedding ceremony decoration.
origami paper flowers wedding
In increasing frequency arches are decorated with large in size paper flowers wedding. They look very unusual and interesting, and guests as if become the witnesses of the real forest fairy-tale where you are the main characters.
Already after the ceremony such flowers can become the elements of photo session. For example, it is possible to hide the kiss of a bride and a bridegroom behind a giant peony, a bride can search for a bridegroom between giant flowers, and flowers of one tint for maids of honor will become an interesting uniting attribute and the basis for felicitous photos.

Decor of wedding area

There are many methods to decorate the place of celebration with paper wedding flowers, and one of them is to hang up paper balls to the ceiling, adding bright paints to the area. Such balls can become the excellent basis for the panel picture behind the back of newly-weds, the photo zone or the sweet buffet.

Floral paper compositions will decorate the tables of guests or their chairs successfully. Add paper flowers wedding to the seating chart plan and put flower onto each dish with your words of gratitude that your guests shared such a remarkable day with you. These flowers can be seating cards and compliments to your guests simultaneously.
paper wedding bouquets
Besides the traditional elements of decor it is possible even to decorate your wedding cake and table of the newly-weds with paper flowers, it will look very unusually and interestingly.

It is interesting! The famous designer Karl Lagerfeld likes to use exactly paper flowers in his decor. First he addressed to this character as early as in 2009, when he decorated Chanel Couture runway show. For the decoration of the fashion show seven thousand white paper flowers of handwork were used. Your decor will become incredibly luxurious, and since that time decorations with white large flowers are called “Chanel paper decor”.

Paper flowers wedding design photo gallery

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