Peony wedding bouquet

Peonies are luxurious fluffy flowers which symbolize wealth and youth. Indeed, these flowers look pretty expensive. So why not use peony wedding bouquet for your wedding? In fact, it can be done and should be! Firstly, peony wedding bouquets are not typical for weddings, so they will cause genuine delight of guests, and secondly, they will allow saving a little.

In some countries peony wedding bouquets are exclusively wedding flowers, because they have a special energy that affects the future life of young families.

So, for example, the Japanese believe that the peonies at the wedding foretell numerous offspring, the Greeks honored peonies as a symbol of long life, and in ancient Rome only royals could possess these flowers.

bridal bouquet peonies

In addition, peony wedding bouquet doesn’t look worse than the usual composition of roses and perfectly can replace it.

Features of peony wedding bouquets

Peonies are heat-loving and fastidious flowers. Therefore, only those couples can take advantage of their beauty, who have chosen the summer to get married.

Of course, peonies grow from April to September, but in April they could be damaged by unexpected freezing, and from mid-August the flowers begin fading. Thus, the most beautiful and resistant peony wedding bouquets can be created in the period from May to the end of July. There is another option to order flowers from abroad, but in this case it is unlikely to save money.

You can make a peony wedding bouquet by yourself. The buds of these flowers are large and fluffy, resembling little balls, so even the most inexperienced person easily will form a nice composition from them. In addition, you will be sure that the flowers are fresh and will hold out the whole day.

One of the main advantages of peonies is the ability to combine them with any other flowers. Some small flowers in a contrasting color or medium-sized greens will be the best neighbors. You can make wedding bouquets of roses and peonies, but be prepared for the fact that such compositions won’t stand for long.

If you don’t want to use different flowers, a beautiful peony wedding bouquet can be made of peonies of various sizes. Still unexpanded buds will be look beautifully in combination with the flowers in all their glory. Double peonies in various shades also perfectly do for wedding compositions.

A composition made of peonies and tulips will be an interesting combination too. It is better to choose soft light peonies and bright tulips for it. It will suit a spring wedding, being a gentle romantic complement to the bride’s dress.

peonies bridal bouquets

Small wild flowers also look beautifully in combination with peonies, they give lightness and playfulness to compositions. Generally peonies are unpretentious, they can be combined with any flowers. Most importantly, they mustn’t interfere with each other and should look harmoniously together.

When selecting or making a peony wedding bouquet, you should take into account the preferences of the bride and groom in terms of aromas. Note that floral aroma will haunt you throughout the day, and it will be better if the chosen scent doesn’t annoy you.

From the aesthetic point of view, the most important thing is that the composition should be made up in the general style of the wedding and match the bride and groom’s clothes. It shouldn’t stand out, but at the same time shouldn’t get lost on the general background.

How to match the bride’s dress and the peony wedding bouquet

The peony wedding bouquet will look equally well with a classic white wedding dress and with an extravagant very bright or ultrashort one. But there are pretty many varieties of compositions.

When choosing a peony wedding bouquet, you should rely on a few simple rules:

  • If the bride’s dress is white, the peony wedding bouquet must contain white flowers. But as it always merges with the dress, you can diversify it with bright red or pink buds.
  • White flowers don’t match a cream or champagne-colored dress at all. But you can use any other flowers in not too bright color.
  • If the wedding dress is short, you can choose one of two colors: pink peonies or bright red ones. Here you will have to determine a style. For the daring stylish image we take red flowers, for the romantic image – pink ones.
  • The bride’s constitution also plays a significant role in the selection of the composition. Bouquets in the form of a ball, made of small buds, will do for low petite girls. Tall girls should prefer models with long stems which cascade from hands. Usually they are richly decorated with all kinds of ribbons.
  • Here is one of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing a peony. If the bride carries a peony wedding bouquet, accordingly, the groom will also have a peony as a boutonniere on his suit. The bud, unlike the bouquet, won’t be able to hold out all day, so you should keep an eye on it, so that, if necessary, you could replace it with a spare one.

peonies bridal bouquet

Peony wedding bouquet is a fresh decision in bridal fashion. If you want your celebration to be unique and memorable, it is worth paying attention to these flowers. They not only will bring the wealth and prosperity to the newly-married couple, but also will wrap the wedding day with its tenderness and ease.

Photos of peony wedding bouquets

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