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The groom traditionally buys the bride’s bouquet. As a rule, he makes a choice in favor of the popular wedding flowers, but his choice is also wanted to be matched with your taste. And it is not less important that flowers in the bouquet have to be practical and would be able to hold out during all the long day.

In this article, we describe how to choose the popular wedding flowers.


Rose is the most popular wedding flower. It not only looks elegant and solemn, but also keep bud fresh for a long time, but only if the flowers were fresh initially. Roses are universal, they are suitable for any dress and will look harmoniously in any season.

Note that there are many the varieties of roses from shrub rose to varieties with the huge bud. You can also choose a bouquet in any color, up to the blue and lavender.

When choosing roses, you should make sure that the bud is tight and keep the shape. If the foliage is dark green without dry leaves and damage, you can safely choose these flowers.
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Hydrangeas are popular wedding flowers among florists due to its variety of various colors. For example, light shades will emphasize the solemnity of the event, and dark shades will give a romance.

Advances of hydrangeas as the main flower for wedding bouquet are the fact that the flower holds its shape well, does not fade for many hours. It can also be perfectly combined with other colors.

If you want your bouquet with hydrangeas was not wilted and looked fresh for a long time, it must be put into the water, if possible. Remember that hydrangea is a highly water-loving plant.


Hyacinth is a beautiful flower not only from an aesthetic position, but also from the perspective of its semantic value. Fact that in ancient times hyacinth was considered a symbol of loyalty and constancy.

This flower will look great in a spring bridal bouquet. It is not only incredibly beautiful, but it also smells great, so that its flavor will envelop you with subtle trail during all the day.

Hyacinth is very resistant to external environmental conditions, and its flowers are well retain moisture, making the bouquet fresh throughout the day.
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Freesias become popular wedding flowers because of its delicate nuances. It gives some lightness, freshness and youthful appearance to the bride’s look.

The smell of freesia is healing, because the essential oils that exudes by this flower relieve stress, so it will play into the hands of the bride in the most exciting day of her life.


Gerbera is probably the most cheerful flower of all. If you decide to stop your choice on gerbera, remember that your style as a whole should not be classic: playfulness, lightness and simplicity should be in it.

There are all colors of gerbera: yellow, white, pink, peach, orange and bright red varieties. For brown-haired women it will be better the bright colors, and for blonde-haired women – soft pastel.

Using gerbera not just in the bridal bouquet, but also as the decoration of the banquet hall, you can thus create a lively atmosphere of celebration. Flowering period of chrysanthemums is autumn and winter, it means that even in the cold season you can create a sunny mood at your wedding.


Alstroemeria is incredibly beautiful and gentle flower. It is considered as an exotic flower, because its homeland is the mountain areas of Peru and Brazil. In ancient times, it was assessed by kings, as the cost of the flower is very high.

The bridal bouquet with alstroemeria is rarely used, because it is whimsical and is afraid of drafts and frost.
If your wedding day is planning for the wintertime, it would be better to refuse from the choice in favor of alstroemeria.


One of the most striking trends in wedding fashion is bouquets with peonies. Peonies are symbols of happiness and long married life. Therefore, they are considered to be popular wedding flowers.


A few centuries ago, this flower was brought from Asia or Africa. For the value of their unique beauty and their especial flavor, orchid flowers were equal to the cost of a small diamond.

Now you can buy orchids at any florist shop, but orchid flowers are still exotic plants compared to other.


Tulip is probably the best spring flower. This flower is not only able to last the whole day, it also will give its owner a positive attitude and cheerfulness. To extend the life of this flower, it is necessary to clean it from the pollen.
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Calla is not often chosen as a flower for a wedding bouquet, because there is still a prejudice that calla is a funeral flower. In fact, calla lilies is a very aristocratic flower that is perfect for a wedding in the palace style. The large inflorescences give to callas unusual shape of the cup and make bride’s bouquet delicate and expressive. By the way, these flowers symbolize wealth and abundance, which is also important to know when choosing flowers for a wedding bouquet.

Note that there are not only white traditional coloring calla, but also red, maroon and yellow-orange. These colors can stay the basis for the color palette of your wedding.


Lily is one of the most gorgeous flowers. These popular wedding flowers look great in a bouquet and have a fantastic lasting fragrance.

Due to the shape of the flower, it is very easy to make a bridal bouquet. Particularly elegant and gently these flowers will look in a small corsage.

It is important to note that lilies have one major drawback – their pollen is much spoiled, so it is necessary not to forget about the beauty of your hands during the whole wedding day, otherwise it is possible that your dress will become dirty.

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