How to preserve wedding bouquet

An essential attribute of the bride is a wedding bouquet. Floral masterpiece can consist of monocots or combine multiple gifts of flora. Modern bouquets for weddings filled with roses, calla lilies, daffodils, orchids, peonies, lilies. In order the flowers retain its original appearance, you need to know how to preserve wedding bouquet.

Preserving wedding bouquet is possible with the use of special additives or processing of stems. After the applied methods, the bride may not worry about the flowers look.

You can apply preserving on natural flowers, which have soft or hard legs. If your bouquet includes lilac, roses or hydrangeas from the thick stalk, then laminate them at the feet of 3-5 cm from the edge and insert a match or a toothpick in the cut. Bouquets made of tulips, orchids or daffodils that require light cuts about 2 cm up from the beginning of the stem.
preserving wedding flowers
There are flowers with hollow legs, in which there is an emptiness. For example, if your bouquet consists of gerbera, dahlias, lupine, and you want to keep the flowers longer, fill each stem with cool water, and close the hole with cotton or a piece of gauze. Secure the bottom of the slice with a transparent tape or cling film.

Before the wedding, visit the floristic salon that sells special additives that prolong the life of flowers. The most popular tool that you need to purchase is “Chrysal”. This supplement is sold in the form of powder or liquid. According to the instructions insert one tablespoon of the product in a liter of water and put the bouquet in there. Such technology will help you in preserving wedding bouquet.

If you are not able to pre-purchase professional supplements, use a universal method which was known even for our grandmothers. Silver spoon, earrings or ring, lowered to the bottom of the vase, in which there are flowers, prolong the freshness of wedding bouquet.
how to preserve your wedding bouquet
If you have no silver at home, you can use a piece of charcoal. Put it into the container, where there is a flower bunch. Depending on what kind of flowers used in the bouquet, as useful additives can be applied:

  • Sugar. This method is suitable to preserve carnations. Just add a tablespoon of sugar into a liter of warm water.
  • Aspirin. To prolong the life of roses and chrysanthemums put two tablets of aspirin in a liter of water.
  • Vinegar. Dahlias, placed in a vase, which is filled with 1 liter of water with dissolved a tablespoon of vinegar, will live longer.
  • Alcohol. To extend the freshness of orchids and asters helps one teaspoon of vodka, diluted with one liter of water.

Ways to preserve the bouquet after the wedding forever

Modern traditions do not prohibit the use two bouquets on the wedding. The first bunch of flowers accompany the bride throughout the festive day, and the second one is used as the dubbing cast for unmarried friends. After the wedding bride brings the main brings at home and tries to keep it for years. In order to keep the floral masterpiece for several years without losing its original appearance, you need to know some ways how to preserve wedding bouquet, which will help to provide them with long-term storage.

If you want to try preserving wedding bouquet by yourself and keep your flowers as long as possible you can spray them from Polish or dry in a special way. Each method must perform strictly on technology, in order not to disrupt the process of conservation. If you miss something or make mistakes, the bouquet will deteriorate and become unfit for long-term storage.

More expensive method of preservation is to use the services of a professional florist. The price of this service depends on the size, number and types of colors used in the bundle. During the day experts will conduct a preservation of a wedding bouquet, and after the procedure you’ll be able to keep these flowers as a memory of the solemn day.
how to preserve wedding bouquets

How to keep bouquet fresh during the whole wedding depending on the type of flowers

Wedding day starts early in the morning and ends late in the evening. During this period of time, the bouquet accompanies the bride, emphasizing her gentle and timid image. Wind, rain, frost, cold, or the scorching sun can spoil the flowers, speeding up their decay. In order that the bridal bouquet retained its original appearance until the very late night, you need to know the rules how to preserve wedding flowers. Long-lasting freshness of wedding bouquet will ensure the compliance with the following tips:

  1. Check with the florists the time of delivery of the bouquet. Its recommended to receive a bouquet early in the morning, it will increase the time of its freshness until the end of the wedding.
  2. Throughout the day, try not to touch the cut with your hands.
  3. Keep the flowers from drafts and strong winds.
  4. Ask your florist to create a wedding bouquet on a floral foam. Such an oasis, soaked with moisture, will ensure the freshness of flowers.
  5. Before the banquet, ask the administrator to put on the table the newlyweds a vase with water for the bouquet. The extra moisture will prolong the freshness of flowers.
  6. It is forbidden to use ice in the vase. This method will speed up the wilting floral arrangements, as ice cubes are devastating, stopping the circulation of water through the stem.
  7. Avoid shaking, dropping and pressing of the bouquet.

How to preserve wedding bouquet tips

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