Purple wedding flowers

In Christian symbolics purple color is considered the color of spiritual suffering and it is supposed to wear it in days of sorrow. And according to the studies of Feng shui it signifies wealth and power. Who is right? What should a bride do if she dreams of purple wedding flowers and of a wedding in purple tones? The answer is simple: to rely on her intuition.

People who prefer purple color to all other colors have a very well developed intuition. It will always prompt how it is necessary to act in this or that case. Such people are open to mysteries and mysticism; they have large creative potential, high spiritual values are the most important things in their lives.
purple and white wedding bouquets
Purple color is a desire to be literally filled with ideas and feelings of a close man. Happy will be that man with whom the admirer of purple color will go together alongside the life road. This color is the color of internal calmness, psychical equilibrium, silence and peacefulness. Wonderful features for a bride to have, isn’t it true?

Purple wedding flowers are a symbol of luxury and wealth

Besides, do not forget: for some reason people apply to purple color spectrum in wedding floristics rarer than to the others. Therefore every wedding with purple wedding flowers turns out unusual and effective!

So, cast aside all doubts and choose purple wedding bouquets, especially because in the coming 2016 season purple color will be on the peak of popularity.

Purple wedding flowers are a symbol of devotion, a sign of tenderness and delicacy. They personify that you are devoted and trustful to your partner. But however, you do not need to rely upon the language of colors. Because it is too complicated and tangled. Besides, it has a great number of variants of value of symbolics of every flower separately and in an aggregate in a bouquet. It is although possible to say that purple wedding bouquets impress by its noble and aristocratic view.

And that is why purple wedding bouquets look very romantically and refined. Such a bouquet will be an excellent adding to the wedding-dress with a purple belt as an accent. Or vice versa with a bright spot on a classic white dress. Ideally purple wedding bouquet of a bride fits much blond-haired ladies.
wedding bouquets purple
For creation of purple wedding bouquets usually tulips, roses, gladioluses, orchids and other flowers of purple tints are used.

Tulips have different sorts which suit wedding bouquets. These flowers are the most popular at spring wedding. There are some different types of tulips. It is possible to make an excellent monobouquet with them and use these flowers at the rest of florist decoration of the wedding.

Hydrangea has a large form of a flower which consists of great number of shallow inflorescences. These flowers play the central role in wedding bouquets or in other floral compositions. They also serve well to accentuate some other flowers.

Orchid has remarkable sorts of purple tints. It will be an excellent choice, if you want to unite refined elegance with a tint of exclusiveness.

Roses are always popular at creation of purple wedding bouquets. These flowers will be an excellent choice for any wedding. Floral composition with roses can be designed both in a sort of an accent or as the central part. Roses can be of different colors. Different tints of purple color are one of the most popular.
purple wedding flower bouquets
Another type of purple wedding flowers is gladioluses. They are used in small amounts for giving new original faint notes to the bouquet.

Purple is the color of passion, it is an ideal color for decoration of a bouquet of a bride in vintage style. Purple wedding bouquet is very stylish and fashionable in our time.

Do not miss the possibility to make your wedding bright and impressive thanks to refined purple flowers!

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