Romantic red wedding bouquets

For a long time men gave flowers to women. It is a sign of attention and gratitude. And certainly such a day, one of the most important days in the lives of newly-weds, can not do without presenting of a bouquet. Red wedding bouquets will be a sparkle on any thematic wedding: In a Spanish or a gipsy style, a wedding in a French style or a festival on St. Valentine’s Day.

Both bright scarlet and more dimmed vinous can be possibly referred to as red color. The first symbolizes deep sense, strong love, passion, and the second symbolizes respect. In the East this color is associated with hot summer and sometimes with activity. Red wedding bouquets can be compiled with the following flowers, using each sort separately or combining them with each other: roses, tulips, callas, peonies, dahlias, poppies, and gerberas.
red bridal bouquet
Inasmuch as a bridegroom is not allowed to see a wedding dress of a bride before the wedding, then she has to discuss with him all the details of a bouquet beforehand. It is important to think over everything to the smallest detail – the color, the form, the size and even the weight of the bouquet. After all, a bride will have to go around with a red wedding bouquet the whole day, and nothing must cause discomfort to a bride.

It is necessary to take into account that a red wedding bouquet is unambiguously a bright element and it will draw the eyes of guests to itself. If there are exceptionally red flowers in the composition a bouquet, without some light dilutions, then it will suit a bride who is dressed in a traditional white dress. It will look the other way when a bride is dressed in a dress made of fabric of creamy color, because bright contrast then is absent.

In recent times ladies periodically make a very bold step and choose a wedding dress of red color, in this case red wedding flowers will suit extremely to the point.

How to pick up a red wedding bouquet correctly

While choosing among red wedding flowers it is necessary to proceed from the following things: the age and preferences of a bride, and also the color of a wedding dress. It is very important not to have disharmony in these things, everything must harmonize successfully.
red and purple wedding bouquets
If you wish to have a bouquet, made of one type of flowers, the so called monobouquet, then pay attention to the sense of flowers in it. It became a common tradition that, more often, roses are presented during a wedding. A red wedding bouquet made of roses will suit best of all during classic wedding. A red rose symbolizes a firm union; the rounded form of a bud symbolizes endlessness of relations and reliability.

Gerbera, such a playful flower, personifies cleanness and innocence. Resembling a large chamomile, it is associated with lightness, merriment and youth. A bouquet made of gerberas will perfectly suit quite young brides.
wedding bouquets red
For sure for the most of people coming of spring is associated with the 8th of March. It is associated with mimosas and tulips. Those young couples who get married at this time of a year combine the beginning of their joint life with the period of awakening of nature. That is why exactly the tulips, spring flowers, will harmoniously blend with appearance and will perfectly complement your red wedding bouquet. In any other season such a bouquet will look very exotic.

And finally callas. A majestic flower, which reminds the streaming element of the wedding dress. It sheds a tender vanilla aroma, and is presented as a sign of deep respect and admiration.

As well as other red flowers in a wedding bouquet red callas can be diluted by vinous roses.

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