Rustic wedding bouquets

Rustic wedding seems simple, but it only seems. For simplicity, as a rule, there is much work of decorators or brides who are scrupulously selected all the details. Rustic wedding bouquets are just one of those parts. The main thing in a rustic style is the simplicity and environmental friendliness.

How should a rustic wedding bouquet look? The first, it should look naturally and even a little sloppy. This effect is achieved through five methods:

rustic fall wedding bouquets

    1. Freeform. There are no “balls” and “biedermeier”, so bouquet should look as if you have collected it yourself from all that grows on the nearest meadow.
    2. No flashy decor. Brooches, studded with rhinestones and pearl thread reserve for the classic weddings. There are usually only handle decorated by burlap, lace ribbon, twine. It turns out very concise rustic wedding bouquets.
    3. Garden, field and other “uncultivated” flowers. Daisies, cornflowers, bluebells, lavender, lilies, sunflowers, astilbe, gladioluses, ranunculuses, anemones, asters, miniature cloves… Mostly – small flowers. If you want to include roses, let it be not the classic buds, but, for example, peony rose. Just avoid hothouse “correctness”. Of course, the flowers can be grown in greenhouses, but it should not shout.

wedding flowers rustic

  1. Branches, ears, ferns. They make rustic wedding bouquets more natural.
  2. A neutral palette. Bright accents, of course, are possible but the bouquet should not strike the eye.
    Not only professional florists can create beautiful rustic wedding flowers. You can choose a simple composition, for example, of lilac or daisies with spikelet, then it will be difficult to make a mistake. The bonus is that the colors you would get in this case will be free. The main thing is to handle them properly and withstand all storage conditions that the bouquet did not fade to the certain time.

Examples of best rustic wedding bouquets you can see in the photos

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