September wedding flowers

When creating the image of the bride all details are important, so the choice of flowers for a bouquet should be approached with great care. First and foremost, you must consider the time of year, which falls celebration. If you want to get a beautiful wedding bouquet, pay attention to seasonal flowers.

September wedding flowers will help the florist to create a bouquet that will complement the image of the bride. In the preparation of the bouquet first you need to choose the color scheme. All the colors of autumn can be divided into four main palettes.

September wedding flowers color palette

The first gamma that comes to our mind at the mention of autumn: Burgundy, yellow, and orange. At the beginning of autumn in the bouquet can coexist summer and September wedding flowers. For example, zinnias, they are unpretentious, but very bright and affordable. You will find them in the city without any problems in large quantities. The bouquet, which is based on the zinnias will survive the day and not lose an attractive appearance.
You can make a more elegant bouquet, basing on a thick stem of Amaryllis with beautiful large Bud, which will attract the attention.
flowers for september weddings
The most commonly used September wedding flowers are dahlias. Rich color palette and a variety of buds make this plant a leader among florists when creating autumn bouquets. To complement the palette can be yellow, hardy chrysanthemums, which are loved by many for their bright color. Also use celosia or goldenrod, which is also known as Golden rod.

Another autumn color palette: purple and its shades. This color is reminiscent of autumn nights, each time getting longer and colder. A bouquet made in these colors, perfect for a pensive, unhurried way. This palette is perfect for brides who love experiments.

Main September wedding flowers for a bouquet: anemones, Calla lilies or delicious artichokes. As a supplement you can pick up carnations and dahlias right shade. The bouquet was not dark, as light splashes, you can use hydrangea and Allium.

When autumn replaces summer, the rich green color is replaced by more calm and pale with patches of red. This color combination clearly shows the dynamic changing of the seasons. And the red color reminds of fruits which are in excess are going in the fall.

Green hydrangea is perfect for creating this bouquet. It is very stable provided that will constantly be fed with water. Hydrangea blends well with other colors and creates a nice volume. A large variety of color palettes allow you to choose the right shade.

As a complement florists use such september wedding flowers as amaranth or molucella. As a red color, you can use asters, which are not capricious, and in September are in full bloom. Also it’s hard to imagine autumn without the bouquet of asters. For many, this is the real autumn flowers that are striking in variety of colors and ruggedness.
If you want to make an exquisite bouquet, you can add the berries of viburnum or rowan, they will bring the proportion of ethnicity and glamor.
flowers for a september wedding
Fourth color scheme resembles the first, but it’s not that bright. Red, beige and chocolate colors are more quiet and pacified. This palette is suitable for brides who do not love experiments and prefer strict classic that never goes out of fashion. The bouquet in this palette will fit into any image.

Red September wedding flowers are dahlias, chrysanthemums, zinnias. To many the autumn season is associated with these colors. For beige choose roses, undisputed symbol of love.

Even as wedding flowers in September you can choose the right color of cloves. For the brown shades you should use chocolate kosmea, which is striking in its simple beauty and elegance. And the leaves of cotinus will make the image complete, to help beneficial to shade the other flowers in the bouquet.
flowers for weddings in september

The gifts of autumn for September wedding flowers

When creating an autumn bouquet, don’t forget about seasonal highlights that will make your bouquet memorable. September wedding flowers are well-supplemented by berries rose hips, mountain ash, maple and oak leaves and acorns. These simple items will make the bouquet truly autumn. You can experiment and create a bouquet based on yellow maple leaves.

Bold and original brides can also use small decorative pumpkins for floral design. This would be particularly appropriate if you select for the celebration in rustic style.

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