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One of the major attributes of perfection of a bride’s character is a wedding bouquet. We want to attract your attention at once that this wedding attribute should not necessarily be very expensive, simple wedding bouquets will excellently supplement your wedding character! Tender or passionate, bright or in pastel shades, it will charm anyway. Beauty of simple wedding flowers is akin to innocent beauty of a bride, it conquers all guests.

Most often simple wedding bouquets are made from natural flowers but, as it is generally known, there is nothing eternal in this world, and how sad it can be but sooner or later a bouquet will wither. The main task of a bride and florists is preservation of primary beauty of a bouquet for the whole day of the celebration.

Traditionally a wedding bouquet is chosen by a groom and he presents it as his first gift which symbolizes love and tenderness which his heart is filled with. That is why it is necessary to approach with all responsibility to the choice of assortment of flowers in a bouquet.

simple wedding flowers bouquets
If you live in a city and often get into traffic jams, then it is better to buy a bouquet on the eve of a wedding ceremony. In order to help a bouquet save its beauty it is possible to place it in a refrigerator, and if it is in a bouquet holder then special care is not needed.

In spite of traditions many brides prefer to choose a bouquet independently because it supplements the character of a bride, and errors here are simply inadmissible. The choice of a form, color spectrum and assortment of flowers in a bouquet is very important. Exactly thanks to an elegant wedding bouquet a bride becomes the example of style and fashion on her festive day.

One of the simplest wedding bouquets is a bouquet made from flowers on their own stems. A round or teardrop-shaped bouquet made from roses or chrysanthemums will look spectacularly in any color spectrum.

simple bouquets for weddings
One of the advantages of simple wedding bouquets is simplicity and absence of superfluous details, such as a bouquet holder or special wire. If you prefer lilies of the valley, roses or peonies in a bouquet, then such bouquets do not require plenty of time for making, and in spite of their simplicity they can become a royal minimalism.

If you look for an economical but beautiful variant of a wedding bouquet, exactly simple wedding flowers will suit ideally.

Consult a florist, he will prompt you which flowers are compatible within the limits of one composition. Take into account that simple wedding bouquets require additional care, stems must not dry up, and heads of flowers must stay upright.

simple wedding bouquets diy
Listen to the opinion and tastes of a bride, and then you will understand what kind of a bouquet will bring her maximum aesthetic pleasure.

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