Wedding bouquet: size does matter!

There are many options, while a bride chooses the wedding bouquet – flowers, type of the bouquet, color combinations, etc. and even considering all this at the same time you can still overdo it, make mistakes, and in wedding day you might look ridiculous. How? Just not calculating the size of the bouquet in the scale of bride’s figure, her wedding gown, place of the ceremony and guests.

Here are a few simple equations in order to choose optimum size of the bride’s bouquet.

Bouquet + you

Small bride. It is very important that the enormous size of the bouquet did not create the illusion of even smaller stature than she really is. So choose a little one, rather small wedding bouquets – the so-called reduced copies of those large ones that you like. Ideal flower for is – Glamelia. To create such bouquet, the petals of a few flowers going in one big flower, which doesn’t exist in nature.
small bridal bouquet ideas
A lush lady. For full-figured brides with forms, lush medium, it’s better to choose a round bouquet. They are larger than Glamelia and less conspicuous than the cascading bouquets. There are many types of the round bouquets. For example, the Biedermeier with colorful concentric circles of flowers. Or structural asymmetric in shape and size of flowers and leaves on the surface of the bouquet.

Bouquet + your wedding dress

Ball dress. It’s simple – the bigger and the more gorgeous your wedding dress is, the grander and bigger must be your bouquet. If you choose a small wedding bouquet, it will be simply lost in the luxury of your dress.

Straight silhouette. Narrow and straight dresses of thin, flying fabrics giving the feelings of lightness and airiness, so the bride’s bouquet needs to implement the same. Too big wedding bouquet will look rough. So stop your choice on small bridal bouquets.

Dress with lots of decor. Decor of your wedding dress may also influence on the choice of the bride’s bouquet. If you have a lot of crystals, stones or other bright, shiny detail on the waist, choose the tightly assembled bouquet and not, for example, cascade, which will break all the beauty. In the case of rich décor of the dress choose a simple bouquet. It should be one whole piece with your bride – and your small wedding bouquet – an integral part of this image, which should not overload your appearance with the impressive size and large number of colors.
small wedding bouquet ideas

Bouquet + Wedding celebration venue

Pompous hall. It’s exactly the same as with lush, ballroom dress. The more luxurious is the environment, the bigger should be your bouquet. Do not take small wedding bouquets, they’ll just fade under the elegant grandeur of the hall. Here will be more than appropriate a cascading bouquet! Or you can always resort to classics and opt for elegant round bouquet for the bride.

Urban chic. Big wedding bouquets are now allowed in urban city! Everything has to be more than easy and elegant. Even if it is a cascading bouquet, try maximally to simplify and minimize it. Small wedding bouquets should not contain different flowers. Pick any one – orchids or even valley lilies, and ask the florist to give it a graceful, elegant look.
small wedding bouquets pictures
On the nature. Much depends on the type of the surrounding area and nature surrounding. You which stay in maximum harmony with it. Wedding in the family in the backyard of the house allows simple, hand-made bouquet from growing in the same yard fresh flowers. But the celebration on the coast (sea or ocean) implies something more appropriate, grandiose and romantic.

Big doesn’t always mean best. If you really want to impress your guests, turn on your imagination and discuss with your florist a variety of original ideas, using the shape of the bouquet, color and decoration. May it be small wedding bouquet, but graceful, exquisite and chosen with taste!

Small wedding bouquets Ideas Photo Gallery

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