Spring wedding flowers

Did you decide to have the wedding in spring? It is a very successful choice, because this season is traditionally rich in romanticism, love and bright emotions. Revival of nature after long winter sleep will become the original symbol of love, and advantages of spring wedding are seen with a naked eye. Merry photos, dresses without shoulder-straps and certainly bright spring wedding flowers. A spring wedding bouquet will symbolize awakening of nature and will fit in harmoniously into general background.

Spring wedding flowers ideas

Spring wedding flowers differ favorably from winter analogues, because a great number of flowers arise during this period which were not presented in autumn and winter.
flowers for spring wedding
Spring wedding bouquet of a bride can be represented in the next variations:

    1. Simply and with taste. Give preference to the field flowers. They will emphasize naivety and romanticism of a figure, having added certain faint note of negligence. In this case professional florists use chrysanthemums, marguerites, geranium and flax very masterly. Thus, spring wedding flowers become bright and interesting.
    2. Seasonal flowers. Do you want to fully take advantage of the spring wedding? Use flowers which are presented only at this time of the years. These can be tulips, anemones, lilies of the valley and snowdrops. It is better to use such flowers in mono bouquets having arranged them in the shape of a circle or a cascade.

spring wedding bouquet ideas

  1. Bright and eyecatching. Do you want to add a bit of color and dynamics? Use a bright spring wedding bouquet. Classic spring flowers can become the basis of it, but it is possible to strengthen the effect with orchids, carnations or chrysanthemums.
  2. For individualist. Do you want something unique? Refuse from the bore classics and take the risk to apply an unexpected form, composition and decor of a bouquet. Compositions made of lilacs, decorative cabbages or glamelia look rather interesting. A bouquet can be composed in a linear spatial or dependent form. All depends on your preferences.

wedding flowers spring
When choosing a bouquet it is necessary to take into account its comfort, because even the most beautiful spring wedding flowers can bring a great deal of discomfort during the wedding ceremony.

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