Summer wedding flowers

Summer is the time when the sun warms you with heat and nature gladdens you with mischief of paints; exactly at this time of the year many people prefer to have the wedding. The hot and sunny season gives a great number of ideas for realization of a wedding festival with the use of wonderful summer wedding flowers.

It is useless to remain in a banquet hall, it is possible to mark the holiday in the open air or to go on board of a motor ship. Another plus of it is that in summer you can make the most beautiful photos on the background of a charming landscape. Summer wedding brings in corrections into the choice of the dress, the menu, and the bouquet of a bride. We will talk about the choice of the latter.
summer wedding bouquets

Features of summer wedding flowers

The heat is able to ruin flowers no less than winter cold, therefore remember that not any plants will fit: tulips and tender wallflowers are for example one of the most tender and unstable to high temperature flowers. The good choice is a series of sorts of roses (including bush roses), orchids cymbidium, Dutch lilies of the valley, exotic parrot flower, lilies, callas.

Callas can be used both for a buttonhole and for the hair-do of a bride. A summer wedding bouquet must certainly be with a bouquet holder filled with water. For the illusion of open stems of flowers use “false shear”, original capsules for the feed of flowers; such a bouquet is bandaged by veiling of the same color of the dress of a bride.
It is necessary to look after even more or less steady summer wedding flowers additionally. The rescue for flowers becomes… a wedding limousine, and more precisely, the niches in it where champagne is cooled down.

Summer is the time of the rage of paints, the time when all is in blossom. The choice of flowers for a summer wedding bouquet is enormous as never before, therefore besides the criterion of firmness it is necessary to be able to choose from this variety of tints which will go with each other. For example, yellow color looks well together with white one, dark blue color with violet or light-yellow one. Very beautiful are bouquets with saturated green color and tones of white.
summer flowers for weddings
Summer wedding flowers can be based on the game of contrasts, and then they will become a bright accent in the appearance of a bride. It is possible to unite various colors in a bouquet, however it is necessary to make it look not too parti-colored. It is necessary to make one’s own choice on some four (and no more) colors or combine different tints of one color.

The white color is actual as usual. Such a bouquet will not outshine the beauty of the wedding-dress, it will not distract attention from it, and it will become a harmonious completion of the appearance of a bride. The choice of tints is not limited to classic white. It can be pearly, cream-colored, and milk-white depending on the color of the dress.

Originality of summer wedding bouquet will be emphasized by decorations. In summer these can be the filaments of pearls, brooches and certainly gifts of nature, which summer is so rich in: greenery, berries, fruit and even vegetables in August. Such bouquets look very bravely and unusually. All depends on the fantasy of a florist: for example, a bouquet of orchids of gently-pink color looks extremely original added by dependent bunch of small white grapes.
summer wedding flower arrangements
When choosing summer wedding flowers it is important to take into account not only the season but also features of the appearance of a bride, and more precisely her seasonal color analysis. For example, bouquets of tender obscure tints will suit ladies with light skin, light hair and eyes, while for swarthy ladies bright and saturated colors will suit more.

The latest fashionable tendencies in a summer wedding bouquet

A summer wedding bouquet must be made of different flowers with a light play of tints. Flowers must slightly differ in tones, and at the same time, it is necessary for them to have something in common. In addition, flowers can differ in sizes, in one bouquet big and massive buds get perfectly along with little and neat ones.

A hit of the beginning of summer is peonies. However a bouquet must not be entirely composed of them. A combination of a few types of flowers, absence of large leaves, is still actual in a bouquet of a bride.

A bouquet made of artificial flowers can be saved in memory together with a wedding dress. Thus artificial summer wedding flowers are not a sad and a bit pitiful parody on live ones, but they are amusing bouquets in hand-made style. These can be, for example, touching daisy of tender beige or pastel tints. For their making felt and thick soft fabrics are used. The ready bouquet is decorated with ribbons and bright buttons.

Summer wedding flowers design photo album

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