Sunflower wedding bouquet for a sunny mood

Many brides choose popular superb roses, exquisite callas or gentle hydrangeas for their wedding bouquets. If you want to distinguish yourself by originality, then make your choice on sunflower wedding bouquet. You will keep a bright, hot vivacious sunshine in your hands!

Sunflower wedding bouquets are original, unusual and stylish pieces of modern wedding floristry! Such a composition would be appropriate for any ceremony, but it is especially well suited for on-site countryside ceremony.
sunflower bouquet wedding
It is necessary to know if you want to make a sunflower wedding bouquet:

  • Wedding bouquets are made from decorative sunflowers (Helianthus). They are smaller than those we used to see on a suburban recreation, and diverse colors and shape. It’s also used mini sunflowers – not more than the average gerbera.
  • Sunflowers are very resistant. They don’t mind the long wedding ceremony – they will look fresh and beautiful till the end of a long day! And then they will delight you with another 2-3 weeks if take some simple care.
  • They have almost no smell, which is very handy: if the bride does not like strong flavors, the bouquet will not spoil the wedding day. And if you want the composition to be enveloped by delicate floral scent, just add to it, for example, the French rose.
  • These flowers are seasonal. Their time is the late spring, summer and early autumn. If you are planning a wedding day in May-September, do not miss the chance to add the sunshine to it!

sunflower bridal bouquets

About flowers and seeds

The idea of a sunflower wedding bouquet confuses you, because it is “like seeds, not the flowers?” These bright suns especially flowers, and only then it’s all the rest!

Especially if this is about ornamental varieties in which there are not seeds at all, as we have already said.
Due to the bright color and large size, Sunflower seeks to dominate in any bridal bouquet (except mini-grades). So you can go three ways.

The first way is to buy a sunflower bridal bouquet for the wedding day, adding a smaller inflorescence of other colors and cool colors (especially blue, white and pink). Small roses, Camilla, the big red hypericum berries are suited well for that. Let the bright sun will shine in the bride’s hands in a flower frame!
By the way, do not forget, that one of the most attractive color combinations including for the bride’s bouquet is yellow with blue.

The second way is a combination of sunflowers with an equally bright and large flowers (lilies, large roses or hot shades calla lilies). It turns a bright, noisy celebration of life, light and color, that’s perfect for the wedding!
The decor of the wedding the bride’s bouquet in this case is not needed practically, or is the addition of several major noticeable accessories.
wedding flowers sunflowers
The third way is a wedding bouquet of sunflowers. Sun and nothing but the sun! By the way, the bride’s bouquet with gerberas or mini sunflowers similar color creates the same impression, but it looks a bit fluffy and elegant.

The simplicity and brevity of the bride’s wedding bouquet open a little more room for decoration. But, in general, he does not really need – sunflowers are self-sufficient and really did need that discreet elegant ribbons.
Regarding the form of sunflower wedding bouquet, it is preferably circular classic and cascades. In the first case, due to the large size of the sunflowers perfectly outline shape wedding composition, the second – form a visible and bright “tail”.

You can also use a sunflower wedding bouquet on high stems – like compositions of callas, it turns gracefully and elegantly. But flower holder is usually not suitable: massive flowers are not combined with a small handle, and the stems are too thick.

Sometimes the brightness of the unusual flower pushes florists (and grooms) to a very unusual decision.

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