Tulip wedding bouquet – the charm of freshness and youth

It is impossible to imagine more delicate flowers than tulips. Modern growers present increasingly diverse varieties of these beautiful flowers, allowing florists to invent all new and new songs with the use of tulips.
It is best to choose tulip wedding bouquet for a spring wedding, but if you just like the flowers, nothing prevents to use them any other time of the year.

A very interesting tulip wedding bouquet in winter. These delicate flowers will melt the cold and bring a bit of spring to your holiday. Due to its simplicity, popularity, and availability, tulips will give the wedding a certain noble humility and at the same time stylishness.

In addition, tulips are a special symbolic significance for the couple – tulips are considered a symbol of fidelity and are simply obliged to be present at the wedding ceremony. Do not think that tulips are common only in the modern world. Even back in the twelfth century there were mention of these colors.

Attention and popularity of tulips used in ancient Asian countries, such as Persia or Byzantium.
There is a legend that the name of the Tulip got to us from there. The flower Bud resembled the inhabitants of these countries local headdress and in his name, and was dubbed the Tulip.
tulip wedding bouquet ideas
Another country where there was and still remains a popular Tulip, is Turkey. Turkish Tulip is called “lale”. This word is also one of the most beautiful women’s names are also quite common among the Turkish population. Turkey farmers came up with the idea that you can grow various kinds of the divine flower.

As for the European countries there the Tulip was only in the sixteenth century and was originally used as a medicinal plant. A century later Europeans were able to appreciate the beauty of this flower in almost every farmer began to grow tulips.

White tulip wedding bouquets

The white color is universally accepted color of purity, innocence, modesty and tenderness. As a rule, most weddings bouquets are made of white flowers. A bouquet of dazzling white tulips will adorn any wedding.

White tulip wedding bouquets will surely be the best choice for sophisticated young ladies, not wishing to make bright accents.

Red tulip wedding bouquets

Red tulip wedding bouquet – it’s a classic. Red color, in principle, goes well with a white wedding dress of the bride. Choice of red tulips for a bouquet will indicate the brightness of the bride, for her courage and great sense of style.
red tulip wedding bouquet
In combination with a light delicate simplicity of tulips red flower color forms are incredibly beautiful composition.

Pink tulip wedding bouquets

For those who want to fill the wedding with bright colors, but not ready to use a rather bright red flowers can offer a great alternative for the pink flowers. Pink tulip wedding bouquet will emphasize the tenderness, the fragility of the bride, but at the same time will not distract her attention.

Features of tulip wedding bouquets:

  • If the choice fell on a tulip wedding bouquet, then you need to understand that all the flower centrepieces should also be decorated with tulips.
  • This applies to the boutonniere on the groom’s suit. It is important to feel the connection between the newlyweds, especially visually. For the boutonniere, it is better to take a fresh, unopened bud, which will be revealed in the course of the day.
  • Flexible and quite long tulip stems let you arrange them in a bouquet of absolutely any shape: from bouquet balloon flower basket. The choice is yours!
  • To avoid unpleasant surprises when buying flowers pay attention to the buds. You’ll need the freshest flowers with tightly closed buds. Interestingly, tulips, though looks very fragile and brittle, are among the most persistent and resistant colors.
  • In cold weather the buds are closed, while contact with heat re-disclosed. But we should not abuse this quality and frequent changes of weather conditions.
  • Of course, tulip wedding bouquet look very cute and gentle, but do not forget that in combination with other colors it can sparkle with new colors and look no less pretty. Just keep in mind that other colors in the composition should be no pungent smell, or the bouquet may wilt prematurely.

tulip bridal bouquet
Tulips are best suited for flower centrepieces. They can be placed in vases with water, and in baskets or intertwined in garlands of flowers. In any case, the presence of these flowers at the ceremony will give everyone a sense of lightness of spring, youth and love.

Among all the positive qualities, not to mention the cost of the flowers. During the season of tulips is almost nothing, so for those wishing to save a little, tulips are a win-win.

So, if you want to make your wedding special, but at the same time simple, to make the celebration with a lot of flowers, but remain them in the spotlight, to stress the tenderness and youth of the bride and to allow others to feel your love – choose tulip wedding bouquet.

These modest spring flowers will cope with all your tasks!

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