Types of wedding flowers

There are many types of wedding flowers. We single out the main types of bridal bouquet by two characteristics: the method of assembly and form.

There are three types of wedding flowers by the way of they assembly:

  1. Flower bouquets collected from their own stems. Such bouquets look very nice and natural. From its own stems bouquets of simple shapes are collected. It can be round, teardrop-shaped and vertical wedding bouquets. And to make sure that the bouquet doesn’t smeared the bide`s dress accidentally, flowers stems are wrapped with decorative material. This method is the most budget compared to the other two methods of assembling of wedding bouquets.
  2. Flower bouquets in the basis for the bouquet. This is a very common way to build different types of flowers for a wedding. The basis for the bouquet is a plastic substrate, inside of which is the wet sponge that helps to prevent premature wilting of flowers. Another part of this thing is a convenient handle for which the bride is holding a bouquet.
  3. Taped bouquets are wedding bouquets those are gathered on a wire. This method is used to produce sophisticated, exclusive bouquets. This process is very labor intensive and, therefore, taped bouquets are quite expensive. It is required to cut flowers stems to make such a bouquet. Then inflorescences are fixed on the wire and collected in a bouquet.

types of wedding bouquets
Now let us consider the most popular form of wedding bouquets.

    • Biedermeier. These are the most common bridal bouquets like the classic type of wedding flowers. Biedermeier has a rounded shape and are usually small size. Bouquet circularly closed and inside it flowers are arranged to form of rings (one ring in the other). Biedermeier is frequently collected in the basis for the flowers, but sometimes on its own stems.
    • Flowing bouquets. Flowers and plants with long, flexible, curly stems are used for their preparation. At the basis all flowing bouquets are wide; flowers and plants are elegantly streaming down on different lengths, taking different shapes. There are teardrop-shaped bouquets (they are shaped like an inverted drop), as well as cascading ones (“waterfall”). Flowing bouquets is an option for high-brides.

wedding flower types

  • Flower bouquets in shape of a ball. Outwardly, it looks like a flower ball of correct form, which is attached to a ribbon or a chain for carrying a bouquet. The special base to which the flowers are secured is “hidden” inside the bouquet-ball. Spherical wedding bouquets look good in the hands of fragile low brides in a-line or short wedding.
  • Vertical bouquets. This type of flowers for the wedding has a clear, straight, elongated shape. They are made of flowers with fairly long stems. Vertical bouquets can be on the frame and without it; they are rather laconic and have minimal decorating as a rule. Such bouquets look very good in the hands of brides which have opted for the straight wedding dresses or trouser suits.
  • Round bouquets. Miniature and elegant round wedding bouquets are most commonly made of roses, buds of which are fitted snugly to each other, creating the shape of the right hemisphere on the surface. These bouquets are well suited for delicate miniature brides.
  • Glameliya. This type of wedding flowers refers to expensive and exclusive ones. To create it a gladiolus flowers are divided into petals firstly, and then from the petals a bouquet in the form of a single large flower are created with the help of glue. There are different varieties of this bouquet: lilymeliya that is created from the petals of a lily; rosameliya – from rose petals. These bouquets are the most expensive ones.

flower types for weddings
There are also other types of wedding flowers, the so-called fantasied ones: clutch-bouquets, bouquets-fans, bouquets-baskets, bouquets-umbrellas and others. They are not as popular as the above-mentioned forms of bouquets and it is rather an exclusive.

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