Wedding centerpieces without flowers

Beautiful wedding centerpieces without flowers are a great wedding decor option for the modern bride! This is just one of the new wedding trends for 2016.

Being a wedding planner, I’ve listened to the visions of many brides; the day they’ve always dreamed of. Many of these visions involve gorgeous florals, including centerpieces, bouquets, and even altar arrangements. But let’s face it, weddings can be expensive and our dreams are sometimes a little different than reality. Reality says that not every wedding requires an abundance of flowers to be beautiful. If your floral budget won’t allow or you have a sensitivity to flowers, you can create non-floral wedding centerpieces and still have the wedding of your dreams.
non floral centerpieces for weddings
Non-floral centerpieces allow you the opportunity to be just as creative, showcasing more of your personality even some of your hobbies. For your wedding, you can create centerpieces from objects that reflect the season, the outdoors, or your favorite books, songs, photos, and wine. Candles, feathers, fruits, seashells, river rocks, and tree branches are also good choices when creating wedding centerpieces without flowers. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite non-floral centerpieces to inspire you if you’re choosing not to have flowers at your wedding.

Many brides feel lost when searching for the wedding reception floral arrangements because the flowers for the season of their wedding are not to their liking or their colors don’t match their wedding décor color palette. This past season, our New York wedding photographers have noticed the trend of wedding receptions centerpieces that rely on simple elegance and not flowers for their beauty. Flowerless wedding centerpieces are a great option for any wedding style.
wedding centerpiece without flowers

Wedding centerpieces without flowers

For beach wedding receptions, glass vessels or votive centerpieces filled with coral make elegant wedding reception decorations. Natural coral comes in many different shapes, sizes and colors but we recommend small white coral for your summer-inspired wedding centerpieces. Another option for beach wedding reception centerpieces would be to include pieces of driftwood found on the beach.

For rustic wedding receptions, there are plenty of great options for wedding reception centerpieces. For vintage inspired wedding decorations, use old hardback books and candles on your wedding reception tables. Another great idea for retro-inspired wedding reception centerpieces are hand-painted serving-wear filled with fruit, like clementines and oranges. You can also add other non-floral plants, like succulents to give your rustic wedding décor a more southwestern flair.
non floral wedding centerpiece
There are so many great options for wedding centerpieces that flowers are no longer necessary to have a beautiful wedding reception. Not using flowers for your centerpieces will not only give you more creativity to match the style and theme of your wedding but it will also save you money. Wedding centerpieces without flowers are an exciting new trends for weddings in 2016 and we can’t wait to see how you will interpret it in your wedding reception décor.

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