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Today we have a huge selection of wedding ceremony flowers. There are so many of them, that sometimes it’s hard to decide and make the right choice. In this review we will discuss the most popular colors for wedding flowers.

    • Roses
      A symbol of beauty and love. Rose are undisputed world leaders among wedding ceremony flowers. Favorite for poets and writers rose is indispensable in wedding floristry, it is suitable to any style, fit into any bouquet, and by itself, without any additions, looks great.
    • Tulips
      Delicate tulips are often associated with spring, although considered an all-season flower. A huge number of varieties and rich color palette give the space for creativity and realization of the boldest ideas.
    • Peonies
      Peony — lush, delicate and elegant flowers. They are in great demand among the brides all over the world. Of peonies can be assembled as mono bouquet and floral arrangement, and in any case, the peonies will look great. You can easily find them in late spring or in early summer. In the other time of the year its harder to find them and they are more expensive.

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    • Peony roses
      Elegant bud shape with ragged edges, like a peony, and delicate aroma of peony rose made lots of fans around the world. In Europe they are considered flower No. 1 in wedding floristry, so for the present the European design of the wedding should choose these delicate and luxurious flowers.
    • Orchids
      Orchid — an exotic flower, despite the fact that now it can be bought in any flower shop. Its unique charm and luxury look will perfectly complement a complicated, intricate image of the bride and will serve as the original wedding ceremony flower arrangements.
    • Lisianthus
      Lisianthus, or eustoma, symbolizes peace, youth and beauty. By the way, another name is Japanese rose. Its flowers indeed look like little roses. In wedding ceremony flowers it looks very organic and gentle. However, this is a very capricious plant, which loves moisture and does not tolerate temperature changes, so be careful using this flower in the cold season.
    • Calla lilies
      Calla — aristocratic flower, a symbol of prosperity and abundance, it is perfectly suitable for wedding in a classic style. Large flowers in the shape of a bowl will make a bouquet of delicate and expressive.
    • Anemones
      Anemone — fragile, delicate and elegant as the bride herself. They have a very contrasting color that looks great in floral arrangements, giving them a stylish and refined look.

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    • Freesia
      Freesia — an elegant flower that has a delicate and refined aroma. It will be a perfect addition to a sophisticated wedding bouquet or to a wedding ceremony flower arrangements.
    • Hydrangeas
      Hydrangea is a very popular flower in wedding ceremony flowers. It holds its shape well and blends with other colors. Its lush blossoms make a floral arrangement and surround the air, and the widest palette of shades allows to use it in any color. However, in extreme heat or, conversely, cold it’s unpredictable shows itself in the bouquet, so there is a certain risk that it may wither before their time. To avoid this, it needs a good “hotpot” before you make a bouquet with its participation.
    • Gerbera
      Gerbera – a very positive flower. If you have decided to stop the choice on gerberich, then your image must be relevant — it must be the ease, playfulness and simplicity.

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  • Alstroemeria
    Alstroemeria is quite budget flower. It has a gentle, delicate blossoms, reminiscent of a mini-Lily. Alstroemeria are commonly used as wedding ceremony flowers but it can become as the basis of the bride’s bouquet.
  • Clove
    Cloves are an unpretentious, budget and unfairly underrated flowers. They make a great “velvety” balls and delicate bouquets. In addition, carnations have no restrictions on season and color palette.

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