Wedding flower crown as part of a bride’s style

Wedding flower crown is a symbol of youth and innocence of the bride. Many people in our time are increasingly decided to decorate their head namely with flower crown wedding, not with diadems. It is feminine and symbolic, a sort of a tradition.

What kind of wedding flower crown is there?

In old days, all the girls who got married were decorated with it, and after the celebration crown was let the river as a symbol of leaving innocence. Decorations with wild flowers, leaves and corn were traditional at the time.
flower crown wedding hair
Today, wedding flower crown is an exquisite work of art and decoration. Skillful hands of professionals made them out of:

  • fresh flowers;
  • artificial flowers;
  • delicate lace;
  • tapes;
  • rhinestones and crystals;
  • pulmonary pens.

Wedding flower crown can be made with synthetic materials, but of course, flower crown wedding will look the best and more solemn. Then it will not need additional decorations, because the flower is beautiful and gentle, and therefore, it will emphasize the beauty of young bride’s face.

Wedding hairstyles with crowns

Wedding hairstyles with a crown is a trend of the season. Many girls do not want to adorn themselves with a veil and diadema. They want affection, innocence and sophistication. Therefore, the relevance of crowns is growing.

flower wedding crown

Wedding hairstyle for long hair. It may be a french braid, decorated with a scattering of small flowers and a crown made from a larger flower. Either it can be a crown of large flowers that will decorate the wedding hairstyle with her hair. Gentle, natural and refined. Owners of the long hair do not wear small wreaths, size of flowers should be medium or large.

Wedding crown for short hair. For this hairstyle it is most suitable crown, which consists of a maximum of three flowers. It will give additional charm and playfulness to your look! But there is one caveat: for longer hair, it can be more magnificent wedding flower crown. Crown with small flowers or thin bezel with a small group of asymmetrical flowers will be also suitable. Lace ribbon with a small flower on the side looks very gently.

Wedding flower crowns for children. The traditional attribute of the wedding is the presence of children on it. Decorate their wonderful heads with wedding flower crowns and you will get the charming wedding pictures, not counting emotions of guests.

wedding hair with flower crown

If your wedding day is planned for autumn, wedding flower crown with warm autumn flowers will look organically. An excellent addition to your wedding look will be a crown with the ears, yellow leaves, rowan berries or small apples.

Wedding flower crown plays an indispensable role in creating the right style of the bride. It makes a bride’s style natural, easy and romantic. You can use crown as an optional accessory for the wedding photo shoot, it will diversifie your wedding photos and make some additional charm to them!

Wedding flower crown Design Photo Gallery

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