Wedding flowers by season

When you’re going to make a choice of wedding flowers, it often comes the question: “What did choose???”. Remember that you need to choose wedding flowers so that their hue will be combined with the color of your wedding decor, and even better if they will look perfectly in season, at which you celebrate a wedding day – it certainly should be wedding flowers by season.

Though you can find almost any varieties of flowers in each flower shop during the year, you should consider that wedding flowers in season are more accessible, less expensive and often stay fresh longer. So our advice: choose wedding flowers by season. Below you will find all sorts of flowers in different seasons of the year. We hope this list will save your time and money!

Spring bouquets

For such type of wedding flowers by season, all spring flowers are relevant:

  • Tulips (double, fringed, lily, common);
  • Daffodils;
  • Hyacinths;
  • Violet (including Pansies);
  • Snowdrops;
  • Freesia;
  • Buttercups (Ranunkulus is a Latin name, which is often used);
  • Peony;
  • Primroses (Primula).

They will be harmoniously combined with selected by the tone twig and large roses, lilies, small chrysanthemums, alstroemeria, mini gerbera, eustoma, baby’s breath. If you want to use representatives of exotic plants in the spring wedding bouquets, it can be orchid (Dendrobium, Cymbidium), stephanotis, hippeastrum, anthurium (green or pink).
wedding flower bouquets by season
Spring bridal bouquet must be present in pastel colors without bright pure ones. Predominant colors: cream, pink, green, purple, light yellow, white.

As decoration, you can use the tape with pastel colors, silver wire, beads respective colors.

Note: if the idea of the bouquet is spring, then it should be no berries or fruits

Summer wedding bouquets

For such wedding flowers by season the color is important: it must be pure and rich; warm colors can be slightly diluted with pastel shades. You can choose almost any color except early spring (scilla, daffodils, primroses, violets). Such spring flowers as tulips, buttercups, freesia can fit for a summer wedding bouquet, if you choose them with bright colored petals (red, orange, variegated).

For a summer mood you can add flowers, which symbolize the summer: mini gerbera daisies, speedwell, small sunflowers, bright shades of rose and carnations.

Summer bride’s bouquet can be done in the style of “country”. Country summer bouquet may consist of:

  • Chamomile (chrysanthemum can be used as alternative);
  • delphinium;
  • murine peas;
  • me-nots;
  • bells;
  • gentian;
  • buttercups;
  • baby’s breath.

As decoration, you can use ribbons, feathers, gold and silver wire

Summer bouquet of flowers are good for bright, emotional brides, who used to be in the center of attention. A summer composition in the style of “country” with wildflowers adorn the modest, shy brides.

Autumn bridal bouquet

Wedding flowers by season made in the autumn style is a mix of red, orange, yellow, green, purple, purple and lilac colors. The necessary condition: the bouquet of flowers must include attributes of autumn, such as fruits, vegetables, berries.
wedding flowers season
As decor it would be suitable dry and juicy fruit:

  • rowan berries;
  • rose hips (you can add them with branches);
  • hawthorn;
  • cotoneaster berries;
  • paradise apples;
  • fruits Japanese quince (henomelesa);
  • St. John’s wort or hypericum which mistakenly called berries;
  • elderberry black;
  • maple fruit;
  • fruits Physalis (lanterns);
  • honeysuckle with bright berries;
  • girlish grapes (wild) grapes.

Fall flowers that embody the season: aster, chrysanthemum, gerbera, dwarf dahlias, gladioli, marigolds. They are combined with twig and single roses, alstroemeria, lilies, ageratum, calla lilies (yellow and orange), limonium.
In a bouquet of flowers Autumn can be underlined by inflorescence cereals: foxtail, timothy, festuca, and colored leaves.

As decoration use only gold. No silver, pearls and nacre

Winter wedding bouquet

Chill is the main trend for wedding flowers by season at this time. Cool white color blends with all shades of blue and purple.

Exclude: all shades of orange, green, warm red, yellow and cream

Winter bridal bouquet can be done in two main keys: white-blue and white-red. Used as decoration only silver, pearls, pearl, excluding gold.

Bouquets, which made up in a similar color scheme, are well combined with the decor of gold color, but it will not be a bunch that embody winter.
seasonal wedding flowers
Forming a red-white bouquet it would be better to use purple and burgundy shades of red. For bright accents you can take rosehip berries, cotoneaster fruits and St. John’s wort. Coating by simulating snow, berries look particularly impressive.

For winter wedding flowers in season use white lilies, roses (twig and a single), Alstroemeria, calla lilies, orchids (Vanda, Dendrobium), anthurium (white), chrysanthemum.

Verdure and its small white flowers will give the lightness to a bride bouquet and also strengthen the “winter mood.”

You can also create a wedding bride bouquet entirely in white, but it will merge with the white dress, and the absence of color accents will make the bouquet not interesting.

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