Wildflower wedding bouquets

In the summer you plan the most special event in your life – your wedding – and you have not yet decided which bouquet to choose? Then it’s useful to know that the trend of wedding bouquets 2016 – became wildflower wedding bouquets. And although many people underestimate the wildflowers, the benefits of this bouquet are quite obvious:

    • Wildflowers wedding bouquet will be appropriate only in the summer. You should agree, it’s a little strange to see a bride in the midst of snow drifts with a wedding bouquet of wildflowers? Moreover, it is most likely not possible – because the flowers are in bloom only in the warmer time of the year!

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  • It’s very original. If roses, peonies and gerberas a little fed up, wildflowers wedding bouquet occurs so infrequently that definitely will be remembered by all those people, who are invited to your celebration.
  • It’s ideal for an ethnic style dress. It’s very fashionable now to turn back to basics, and that’s why many girls choose as a wedding dress an ethnic national costumes. Of course, orchids are not able to complement the dress, and wildflower wedding bouquets – right exactly what you need!
  • This bouquet will be suitable as an addition to ethnic weddings, to the celebration in a rustic style and country.
  • In wildflower bridal bouquet is not necessary to strictly maintain the color and number of colors, just make it quite easy.
  • If you’re planning to create wildflowers wedding bouquet by yourself, it will be absolutely low-cost and it’s quite an advantage for the budget wedding.

Wildflower wedding bouquets are completely unique, original, perfectly fit to the bride’s dress. A variety of sizes – from large to very small, elegant compositions – they deeply touch our heart, evoke a sense of comfort and warmth.
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You can create wildflowers wedding bouquet from flowers of the same species, such as, daisies, and combining different flowers. Wildflower bridal bouquet also can be decorated with ribbon, the color of which you can choose in the tone of one of the brightest flowers in the composition.

Wildflower wedding bouquets can contain daisies, cornflowers, buttercups, valley lilies, sweet pea, wheat spikelet. For splendor it is necessary to add various green leaves. Wild flowers can wilt quickly, so cut them in the morning on the wedding.

Don’t forget the bridesmaids, you can give them a similar corsage or decorate their heads with flower wreaths made in the same style.
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Wedding bouquets summer 2016

In the summer of 2016 florists rely on the naturalness, gentleness, modesty and romance of the bride. These criteria definitely can be applied to wildflower wedding bouquets. Which flowers should attract you? Among them are:

  • buttercups;
  • poppy flower;
  • chamomile;
  • cornflowers;
  • lilies of the valley;
  • iris;
  • solidago;
  • bluebells.

Decorate such flowers with spikelet and grasses, as well as pearls, rhinestones, beads and ribbons.

Top 12 wildflower wedding bouquets

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