Yellow wedding flowers

Is it true that yellow flowers can cause separation? And can you select yellow colour for the wedding? Will yellow wedding flowers be relevant? Many people want to know the answers to these questions.

Yellow wedding bouquets are very rarely used at weddings as yellow is taken to be the colour of separation. But it is no more than the fallacy. Yellow colour is the comfort domesticity, fireside, warm embrace, bright and beaming sun. This colour warms and makes you feel pleased. So at the celebration of new family’s birth yellow wedding flowers will be quite apposite. Yellow flowers also mean the new start in life and the alliance of two loving hearts.
yellow wedding bouquet
Yellow colour also symbolizes wealth and intelligence. Yellow flowers can be an unusual expression of energy and freedom, harmony and understanding. Yellow wedding bouquet will emphasize the bride’s individuality and will make her look inimitable.

Yellow wedding flowers will match a bride’s dress harmoniously making her light and ethereal. Such a combination will look delicate and elegant.

Furthermore, you can prefer any shades of yellow, from bright colour to pastel one, and your bouquet will unique. To give a deeper colour and variegate the composition, you also can use orange.

You can choose roses, chrysanthemums, gerberas, tulips, callas, delicate garden flowers of the whole spectrum of yellow. The bridal bouquet of small sunflowers will look extraordinary. Don’t forget to add green leaves for the contrast or, vice versa, combine only yellow flowers of various shades. In any case, you are guaranteed to have a stunning effect.

It’s better to choose yellow wedding flowers for wedding in summer. They complement the stylistics of a beach wedding, of an event in Grecian style or in hippie style and make them more interesting.
yellow flowers for wedding

What do yellow wedding flowers match?

First of all, a bridal wedding bouquet must correspond to a definite style of the wedding itself. Emphasizing the beautiful bride’s individuality and inimitable look you shouldn’t forget about groom’s appearance. If you choose yellow wedding flowers, groom’s accessories, for instance, boutonniere, tie or some details of the suit, must be in the same colour.

The trade dress of the bouquet must be thought out to the last detail. So it’s better to ask an experienced florist for advice, and he’ll suggest how to avoid some mismatches as bouquet must definitely match not only the style and colour of the bride’s dress. Her height, hairdo, make-up and even accessories are also essential. A big bouquet will “hide” a short bride but cascaded floral composition will suit a tall lady. Yellow wedding flowers will be perfect in the hands of the bride putting on a dress in ivory colour.

Which flowers to choose for yellow wedding bouquets?

The main purpose of bridal bouquet is to emphasize the beauty of a bride and her dress. The bright floral composition will shed the warm positive energy and will cause pleasant, happy and pure feelings. Many species of flowers possess yellow petals. After choosing the shape of a bouquet and flowers for it the florist need only select the shade and create the composition.
purple and yellow wedding bouquets

Which colours will be relevant in yellow bouquet?

The addition of other shades to yellow flowers will be something unusual. The bright contrast between blue and red will perfectly complement the bride’s floral composition. You’ll get the beautiful and effective bouquet if you’ll add dark-violet irises to yellow tulips. The unusual combination of pink roses and citrine lilies will be restful to the eyes. Rich greenery existing almost in all bouquets will look great with any bright species. White colour extinguishes the brightness of yellow a bit but it adds some more delicacy to it.

So you shouldn’t beware of yellow wedding flowers causing the separation. Yellow colour will give you the warmth of the sun and of the relationships with your loved one. It’ll bring the comfort and peace to the young family’s life.

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